MORE names for tonight... holy....

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Code: are reporting that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has been spotted in St. Louis, Missouri which will host tonight’s 1,000th episode of Monday Night RAW. Flair was spotted signing autographs in a local mall.
    In addition, site reader Dan Tracy noted on his Twitter account last night that he over heard from other Legends at the WWE hotel that Flair was in town and was set to have lunch today with fellow Hall of Famer Jim Ross.
    More stars have been confirmed to be in St. Louis area which RAW will be taking place. Bully Ray has mentioned on his twitter account that he is ‘Gonna crash a big party, see some old friends and Bully everyone!!! Cant wait to see the look on certain faces. #BULLYNATION’.
    WrestlingInc is also reporting that Paul Bearer teased being in St. Louis on twitter.
    Word is, and according to WrestlingInc is that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be in St Louis too, but a rumor as of right now. Former WWE Champion, JBL has also been spotted in St Louis.
    And finally former WWE Woman’s champion Lita is reported to be in St. Louis too.
    Ric Flair is going to be revealed as the GM.
    Calling it.
  2. TADER! Remove his award!
  3. Why did you not just post this in your other thread?
  4. y u such a bully :upset:
  5. Awesome to hear that Bully might be on Raw, maybe Devon, Hardy and RVD will as well.

    And I also think Flair will be the General Manager.
  6. Flair, nice.
  7. Ric Flair = Boss, I would die in excitement, and I swear to god I'm not been sarcastic. Love Flair (Not in a gay way).. (Although there is nothing wrong In been gay)
  8. If Flair gets GM, I'll +10 rep you @[Jonathan]
  9. And I can -10 you @[Xanth] ? :dawg::win:
  10. I've been calling Ric Flair to be the next GM for weeks now.
  11. Me too, I didn't think it would happen with all this TNA lawsuit gibberish going on. I so hope he is GM. Would be awesome.
  12. I thought because of the lawsuit from TNA they weren't allowed to sign Flair until' it was resolved?
  13. Ric Flair was fired from TNA before the lawsuit was filed, which technically means that WWE said they weren't interested in any TNA talent, well, he isn't TNA talent...
  14. Ah, Wooooooooooooooooooo!

    I hope Vince/Triple H has signed that kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, jet flying, limousine riding, son of a gun.
  15. He was TNA talent when the scandal happened.
  16. In the lawsuit they said 'TNA talent, specifically Ric Flair' and he wasn't TNA talent when lawsuit was filed.
  17. lol you're not doing very well with calling things are you.
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