More NAO next week?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Hoping this happens. Marked out for them last night.
  2. Would be odd to see with Cody's awkward semi face turn going on but entertaining and a good match non the less.
  3. For a team that Split up awhile back, they've sure been with each other alot xD.
  4. Loved them as a kid. Found them obnoxious when I went back and watched old shows from 98-99.
  5. Oh, im fucking down. Damn i knew i shouldnt have read these threads until AFTER watching. Last post here until after RAW.
  6. Please! I could watch them every week. Better than any tag team currently on the roster.
  7. Oh, yes. Please do that. I love the Outlaws.

    Just realized, we may very well see the NAO next week (or later) say they want to win the tag titles one more time at WM. That would be good.
  8. They would be a definite plus to the current division and who better to hold the belts than the New Age Outlaws because Team Hell No has lost it's spark without Shelby and Harold :haha:
    I think a lot of the tag teams will benefit from being in the ring with them as well and learn how to function as a great tag team even if the run will be for a short time, which I'm sure it will be, probably not past mania.
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