News More News On Bad News Barrett Preparing For His WWE Return, What Feud He Wanted

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 19, 2014.

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  1. Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

    "We noted earlier this week that Bad News Barrett is still about 4-6 weeks from returning to WWE TV. Barrett has started lifting but doesn't have his normal size back yet. Barrett is hoping to be cleared in about three weeks and then go to the Performance Center in Orlando to get the ring rust off.
    Barrett was looking to get back into the Intercontinental Title storyline withDolph Ziggler. He felt that it was a natural storyline since he had the title when he went down with an injury. Ziggler has since lost the title and there's no word yet if Barrett will be put back in the hunt."

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  2. Damn 4-6 weeks.. keep him out until the Rumble then fuck it.. Let him heal up properly! Can't wait to see BNB back on the screen.
  3. Yeah, I was hoping to see Barrett jump into a feud with Ziggler and reclaim his Intercontinental Title when he returned. Oh well. It would have made a good feud and if Jericho had worked Wrestlemania next year, he and Barrett could have ended up working a program that could have revolved around their past and the fact that Jericho wants the big historical 10th IC Title reign. Barrett going over the man with the most IC Championship reigns in history would have been good.

    Barrett: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid I've got som...."

    *Jericho's Music Hits*

    Jericho: "Barrett, would you please... shut... the hell... up!"

    Any possibility Barrett could return as a face (or at least make the turn shortly after his comeback) and simply take the strap off of Luke Harper instead?
  4. Why the hell not? IIRC, he's been getting pops and cheers ever since he started doing the BNB gimmick.

    I was hoping to see a BNB/Ziggler program at some point, but that's out of the window for now... And yeah, I'd definitely like to see a program between Harper and BNB. It'd be a good one, for sure.
  5. Ditto.

    Not only BNB, but Bryan as well.
  6. Barrett needs to have a big IC title match at WM31 as the face, let him be the badass guy he is and let him use the "I Did My Time" alternate CFO$ theme, that's badass too.
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  7. You're totally right.

    Plus, that CFO$ theme 'I Did My Time' is one of the rare and decent stuff that they've produced. All they seem to produce nowadays is garbage.
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  8. Barrett says he hated being a face while working in his homeland. Take that for what you believe its worth.
    Barrett doesn't seem to carry himself in a way that indicates he wants fanfare.
    His mannerisms and line delivery are JBL-like in the sense that he was born to be heel and very little else.
    If we head into a new era where the lines of face/heel dichotomy are blurred a tad, I'd be optimistic about your idea.

    What Barrett can do is verbally attack both heels and faces creating bringing to reality the potential he's always had within.
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  9. You summed it up perfectly.

    All in all, BNB is awesome!
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