More news on Brock potentially signing again next year.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Source: Dave Meltzer lmao

    Anyway, probably crap because of the source but I really do hope it's true.
  2. I would welcome him back, and of course he would want to come back, but IMO WWE would be dumb to sign him to another $5 million deal for limited appearances.
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  3. This.

    At his age, with his experience, build, etc., if he wants to return, it should be basically full-time. He should be available for every Raw and PPV at least.

  4. I hope to god he signs another deal as I like Brock alot and want to see him more in WWE he could do alot for the company
  5. If he signs another deal, I'd expect to have more dates. Have him bi-weekly.
  6. This.. The man has alot to offer.

    He said he has nothing to accomplish anymore.. Well.. He never won the WHC..

    Let's do it..
  7. I'd like to see him, but not the way they're using him. He'd need more dates. And please, use him to put someone over.
  8. I am a huge fan of his, the rocks, and takers.....But I am so tired of people coming back just for a PPV once in awhile. All it does is hold back the young talent. If they aren't going to be putting over someone young (which they haven't) then there is no reason to have them come back. IMO
  9. Does anyone know what the SS buy rate was
  10. I think he would be good to put new guys over with, or at least give them a rub. If he gets bi weekly as Lacky said, then it'd be perfect to me. If it's for the same deal as he has right now then don't sign him. It'd be a waste to just waste millions of dollars on a guy who shows up as much as Axl Rose does on time for a show.
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