More news on Lesnar's meltdown.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 1, 2012.

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  1. So yeah, HHH vs Lesnar is planned for Summerslam.
  2. >Pay Lesnar 5 million clams for one years work
    >Waste if by having him put over guys who absolutely don't need it like Cena & HHH

  3. If he puts over Triple H I will stop watching WWE.
  4. I agree with Lesnar. Cena si becoming like Hogan.
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  5. May as well stop watching now. HHH wouldn't even put over Punk who they are trying to make into the next big star, why would he put over Lesnar who will be gone a year from now?
  6. I think I'll still watch NXT and Superstars if that happens. Seems like the shows Vince and Hunter doesn't care about/doesn't pay attention to has the highest quality. But by that standard Smackdown should be Wrestlemania weekly.
  7. Cena think he's a badass, lol.

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  8. Very true.. still, I live in hope.
  9. Brock has only been back a month and already hes throwing tantrums and causing chaos backstage god knows what he will be like come the end of this deal. I dont think he will last he will either quit or get fired legit. He hasent changed at all. I sense this 1 year deal is gonna be a complete mess
  10. Biggest Steiner mark I know. :yay:
  11. That's Bully Ray......
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  12. I hate to say this but I think that Brock won't stay on for the entire year. If this is real and he acts like a spoiled brat for every little thing going against him I expect the contract to be declared void somewhere around Summerslam. Especially if he is put in a feud with a guy that's good on the mic since that seems to be what pisses him off most easily.
  13. I'm worried he'll snap out at someone if this is true. Imagine if Punk got under his skin, which is likely with his mic skills and Brock flattened him out.
  14. Yeah and Brock wouldn't just punch him in the face and let bygones be bygones. He'd fucking Murder Punk.
  15. Basically I had hoped he'd stay pro throughout but with moments like this, if it is legit you have to wonder. Seeing Brock GNP Punk whilst sounding pretty fun wouldn't be a pretty sight.
  16. I'm having a real bad day. Smithers, now this?

  17. Id be pissed to if i was booked to be a monster and have my opponent go out on a stretcher and then my opponent picks up a mic and starts cutting a promo then walks out looking less hurt than I did. Im glad Lesnar told them whats wrong with WWE, they need to hear it
  18. Yes you can be pissed but you should still handle it like a adult. If what we've heard is true Brock acted more like a five year old whose got his favorite toy taken away.
  19. I think Lesnar is leaving early as well. Creative fucked up the plans and Lesnar realizes why people don't give a shit about WWE anymore.
  20. I wonder what the likes of Kingston and Riley etc were doing when he was moaning.
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