More news on NXT and the general feel around it.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Seems like Hunter is doing something right here.

  2. Even though HHH may anger me in some things, He's done a pretty good job with the developemental.
  3. pretty awesome :obama:
  4. When is this show aired? Also when was the last one? Props to :bury:
  5. NXT seems pretty sick, havent gone around to watch it because most videos end up getting blocked on YT about NXT so...
  6. last one was this Thursday. They shoot I think between 2-4 episodes per time. This will not air until at least mid to late august since the title hunt is a tournament between multiple stars.
  7. Well I hope I get to see NXT next week!
  8. Awesome, HHH is doing a very good job. I also really like how NXT feels different from the other shows, makes it special.
  9. I haven't seen it too much, to be honest. I will definitely check out the next coming episode of NXT, for sure. It really does feel liking I am missing out on some good stuff, and some entertaining youngsters, just by not watching the show very often.
  10. I wonder if any NXT talents will make it onto Raw or smackdown soon
  11. NXT seems to be the step now for FCW guys to be TV-trained. It makes me smile to see some of the guys who are now getting an opportunity through it and I figure they might get brought up to main rosters soon.

  12. for some reason i just cant get into NXT :/
  13. Same here. Never even watched it except for little segment videos.
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