News More NXT stars looking to come up

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ed!, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. Ole!..Ole! Ole! Ole!...Ole!.Ole!

    Bring Sami Zayn up, him vs Cesaro is what RAW needs
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  2. Oh wow I really hope that's true, I can see the Ascensions becoming a formidable tag team in the main roster, which is a division that really needs a boost atm. Sami Zayn is always exciting to watch, surprised he hasn't moved up till now to be honest.
  3. Tyler Breeze and Neville are about to run the NXT singles division and my boys the Certified Gs are going to be NXT Tag Legends.
  4. Big Tag Team fan, Usos are a child friendly team, bring out the smarks team, The Ascension
  5. I will mark out heavily for Breeze's WWE Debut
  6. Yup me too, Ascension reminds of Road Warriors back in the day and they are solid performers :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. I see your point. I personally would mark out for Ricardo to manage them as he did in FCW. Ascension will stand out among the other tag teams.
  8. No doubt, I can't see WWE finding a way to ruin their momentum, but hey never say never. Ascension vs Shield vs Wyatts now that's a triple threat tag match that would be interesting, I don't see it happening any time soon but one can hope.
  9. An amazing tag team match, the Hardy Boyz, Dudleyz and Christian & Edge of the new era
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  10. Oh man don't remind me, I'll spend the entire day going through their matches, especially that ladder match, that spear was so sweet!
  11. But the question is which 2 members of shield. I mean Ambrose & Rollins or Reigns & Rollins seem well suited after the Main Event match,
  12. Realistically I am thinking WWE will be pushing Reigns into more of a singles role and Ambrose into the tag one, Ambrose being nuts and Seth's agility might blend well, Reigns and Seth were pretty effective as tag champs.
  13. What in the fuck does WWE see in Bo Dallas?
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  14. I think WWE has a group of guys who can team well together and likewise can become successful single stars. Sami Zayn coming up, weekly MOTY' on RAW
  15. New Zack Ryder perhaps, I haven't watched many of his matches but from the last NXT episode he's meh at best.
  16. Keep em' coming! Adding new faces straight after mania is genus!

    Keep the fans wanting more.
  17. Ryder has charisma though, or at least talent to get himself over. Bo Dallas is just awful.
  18. THIS! :awyeah:
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