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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. At first I was thinking Brodus was the only one whom they were gonna turn and that Tons of Funk were gonna disband. So, it's good that they're gonna stay a team as WWE could use another two man heel team, and Tensai will still have something to do I suppose. What do y'all think?
  2. Could work if booked correctly. I wonder if they are going to be part of the authority seeing as they are going to be a top heel team.
  3. Make him Albert again they can be B&A lol
  4. I kind of want to see Brodus in singles competition, but if they wanna keep he and Tensai as a team, then I'm fine with that. They should tease Tensai going face though, only to surprise people when he goes heel along with Brodus. Have Brodus Clay already attack both Truth and Woods and then Tensai runs in (pretending to make the save), which makes Brodus exit the ring since he doesn't want a fight with Tensai. But then Tensai swerves people when he pretends to help Woods and Truth up but then attacks them himself, which leads to Brodus getting back into the ring and helping to further demolish them.

    Also, how do Cameron and Naomi act on the Total Divas show? If they behave like bitches or drama queens, then I'd prefer if they turn heel too as a way of having their characters reflect their real-life personas.
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  5. Cameron is a bitch (plus she has mad road rage). Naomi is pretty sweet though.
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  6. A top heel, TEAM?! No. no, no, no. I guess in WWE's eyes this is going to help build to when the shield break up? A dinosaur and washable face tattoo turned badass heels?
  7. You'd be surprised how easy it would be to book those two into a pair of monsters.
  8. Drop the Tons of Funk name and the Funkadactyls. They can challenge for the titles at TLC/RR as a filler feud, before The Real Americans pick up the belts.
  9. I liked the Xavier Woods move with Brodus talking about respect and what-not, and I did like the heel video you? showed before. I just don't see the upside for Tensai. Well besides the wrecking ball ride.
  10. Was seabs who linked Brodus old heel promos.
    Tensai is a monster. Most of his run in Japan for 6-9 years was spent as a monster Gaijin (foreigner), brutalizing Japanese talent. He's big, surprisingly agile and athletic, can talk when needed to (but with Brodus that won't be needed I guess) and has a ring style that looks like it hurts/vicious. His best run was as a part of a big man tag team in Japan with Karl Anderson.

    They just need to let Tensai be more Giant Bernard.

    Plus if WWE managed to turn fucking Tugboat into a credible monster in two months they can turn Tensai and Brodus.
  11. If you wanna see some of Tensai's heel work from the past in WWE, check out some of his 2003 feuds as A-Train (he was actually in the company before this, but '03 was probably his best year as a heel IMO.) He had some pretty decent feuds and matches with the likes of Chris Benoit and Undertaker.
  12. He contended for the streak if I am not mistaken? What I have seen of his 2003 run was good but his Bad Intentions/Giant Bernard run was so much quality. He held the New Japan tag belts for 564 days in one reign.

    Tensai is without a doubt capable of doing quality heel work.
  13. Yeah, he and Big Show fought Taker in a handicap match at WM19 (it was supposed to be a tag team match with Nathan Jones but they had NJ sell an injury angle on Heat before the show.) There's no question that he can play a good monster heel. His 2003 run even came after he was basically portraying the same gimmick that he is now alongside Scotty Too Hotty in 2001, so he can easily shed the Sweet T stuff.
  14. I'd rather see Mark Henry as monster heel than either of these two.
  15. They need to turn heel by beating the fuck out of the fuckadactyles.

    Brodus spike piledriver on Cameron
    Tensai powerbomb through a flaming table on Naomi
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  16. I can't stand those bitches on the show anyways, turn em heel.
  17. Oh hai last year's angles.
  18. I'm sure they'd be able to work as a good heel team, and they're going nowhere as faces, so yeah, sure.
  19. Dude they're not going to be a team anymore though.

    Brodus already teased turning heel on Tensai. They're gonna be two big fat men a-slappin' fat against each other.

  20. Let's hope this works for them, and gets 'em over bro.
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