More on Cara disappearing last week

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Fail! :dawg:
  2. It was probably Miz botching. Miz isn't an athletic type like Cara. :lol1:
  3. I genuinely feel sorry for Cara, he's got so much talent but he can't showcase it. :cry:
  4. Jonathan: Reports said it was Sin Cara botching almost throughout the entire match and that it was heavily edited. Cara botches all the time since he is not used to the WWE style and he doesn't speak English so he has communication issues.

    Miz has really stepped up his game over the last couple of months since the whole incident with R-Truth so not likely that he is too blame. Why would Cara be upset with himself if it was Miz that made the mistakes?
  5. I thought the :lol1: would have given it away.
    I was being sarcastic. Obviously attempting.

    Cara has a botch in every match. Because WWE limit him instead of letting him do what he does best. :tough:
  6. In honesty I think limiting him is a good idea, again I want to hanker back to the fact that he is not used to the WWE pace or style. Imagine him going at full speed and hitting one of his more dangerous lucha moves on a unprepared opponent not used to working that style. The results could be horrendous.
  7. :lol1: It'd be funny if he simply quit. But then again, it's nice that he's still around and such.

    Really feel bad for the guy, he's just been a huge disappointment. He doesn't seem to be that over anymore either.
  9. Sin Cara should quit his botching is just really bad
  10. No he shouldn't quit. He should take some time to learn the language and the WWE ring style. If he does that he will most likely become a gold mine, there is a reason he is the biggest draw in Mexican wrestling
  11. Where is my facepalm? Where oh where?
    There! Found it! :facepalm:
  12. He needs to go back to Mexico. He's useless in the WWE.

    Isn't over with anyone. Botches. Can't talk. etc..

    He's just a waste of space.
  13. That's sad. I don't hate him or think he's bad. Botches are the problem, and that can be solved easily. It'll take lots of time, but I think Sin Cara can overcome that. Have him take English classes to get him to speak it at least to the point where he can communicate with other people well. Have him do personal training, I'm sure Rey Rey wouldn't mind helping him out, he seems to be taking him under his wing too, and if he really wants help talk to other luchadors from other American companies and ask them for advice, in private of course. Then after they feel he is good enough to be safe, send him to NXT. Then after he is good enough, bring him back and put him in the scene for the US Championship. By that time he should know English well enough to cut promos as well, so his in ring, and mic skills should gain a lot from this experience.
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  14. He needs to learn english if he expects to be a big star in an english speaking company
  15. I believe that if he speaks English he will be able to put on some hell'ova matches.
  16. He is over.
  17. With who? It's pretty much silent when he comes out 'cept for maybe a few mommies and kiddies. lol
  18. ^ This.

    I can't hate on the guy. I hate that he botches so much, but WWE is the one that decided to put him in Smackdown so quickly and skipped some obviously needed steps. I can't fault Cara, however, for going with it rather than saying, "No thanks guys, I don't think I should do that yet." I can't see him turning down the opportunity. I just put the fault on WWE for not thinking it through clearly.

    I can honestly see him being a good asset for WWE with the right progress being made, as it should have been done to start with. Let him learn the language, learn the rules and such, have him practice more to learn the ropes, etc., etc. He could be great for the company with the right amount of work and time. I just don't think it's quite his time yet.
  19. Doesn't matter what fans they are. They are still fans.
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