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    Now I have a legit interest in what the drama is between the two or maybe this is just something to get people talking, so Baretta can be rehired. If it means anything both of these guys were both on the same episode of Z True Long Island Story once, during a where's trent segemnt. If I find it I will post it here. :hmm:

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    hopefully no one posted this already
  2. Don't really care about this tbh.
  3. Cared enough to post in a thread about it :nope:
  4. Just pointing out it's Trent and Kofi.
    Not that much reason to care. :pity1:
  5. Kofis reply does make him seem like an a hole tbh
  6. Should have said that in the 1st post, now it makes much more sense. Only reason I posted it is because Baretta is a pretty good talent and I think some members of WWEF would agree, which is the only reason I'm interested in this. Kofi comes off as a nice guy on TV, so I really couldn't see him being an ass.
  7. Kofi Kant be ta badz guiz he good guy on tv!
  8. Twitter :lol1:
  9. That's what I figured
  10. Two dull wrestlers going at it? It must be a slow news day.
  11. Trent obviously probably has some issues with Kofi maybe hes jealous Kofi got more of a push than what Trent did
  12. Kofi got pushed?
  13. Well he's not in the minority divi- I mean the tag team division anymore, so that's a step up even though he lost the IC belt to Barrett.

    Even so I don't think that would be a good enough reason for Trent to call Kofi an asshole, because if that were the case he'd say it to Mr. Super Push Sheamus instead :dawg:
  14. I have a hard time seeing this as legit beef since Kofi, Trent and Hornswoggle used to travel together before Kofi traveled with Punk. Make it a match with Swoggle as the ref.
  15. Yeah I think so too and if it's not it's genius. Good way to get attention on Trent, maybe get him rehired
  16. I'm guessing it's just trying to get interest in both of them by exploiting social media, ideally it'd lead to a Kofi heel turn (youtube some of his old heel promos before you hate, he's decent at it).
  17. I couldn't imagine Kofi being a heel.
    I think the twitter 'war' is keyfabe to get Trent some independent bookings
  18. Have I already replied to this thread?

    If I haven't, :lol1: Twitter
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  19. :pity1: You tell 'em how it is!
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