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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 16, 2012.

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  1. So it looks like Brock will be here for WM which is good, we'd have ~ one year to get over HHH burying him.
  2. That's rather interesting, really. It's fairly obvious that Brock or Big Show are going to interfere at OTL, and you say they don't know what they want to do with Lesnar yet (they should). So if they want Brock/HHH at No Way Out, he'll interfere, but if they change their minds and put it at MITB, they set up Big Show as a backup plan.

    But still, when planning setup for something you should know what it is you are setting up.
  3. What would Big Show do? Interfere to cost Cena? That makes no sense :S. I also thought Show could appear since he's fired for a complete pointless reason, other than he can interfere, but what can he do? Cost Ace? If so then they wasted that angle on someone like Big Show.
  4. Damn right, that's why they'll do it. #wwelogic #russo
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  5. After further thought, it's definitely Show. Show will cost Cena, cry about it for 15 minutes, then Ace will re-hire Big Show (because that makes sense, apparently) on the condition of him being his personal enforcer, but Show will show a ton of trepidation to everything and still be face. It's all going to be so pointless, just like the crap with Teddy.

    Or they can have Show cost Johnny Ace so Triple H (I guess?) can re-hire him, but that would be the biggest waste of an angle ever... Okay, so this will probably happen.

    If Lesnar quit and has no (kayfabe) intention of coming back because Triple H is running WWE, then it doesn't matter who's in charge of Raw and Smackdown. Even if Ace returns, that's still the case, so that makes less sense.

    We need a better explanation of what Triple H's job is. Is he running the WWE now (in kayfabe?) Is he the "backup GM" if Ace gets let go, even though the Board of Directors have deemed him unworthy?

    :russo: to WWE, dammit!
  6. #wwelogic: "Let's put Big Show, a guy that makes everyone around him look terrible, a guy who gets zero reactions from the crowd, a guy who people just don't give a shit about, in the main event of RAW."


    #wwelogic: "lolthx bro"

    #HHH: "But I'm not in the spotlight then?"

    #wwelogic: "Dw bro you're squashing Lesnar at MITB or No Way Out :emoji_slight_smile:)))))"

    #HHH: "Good work logic."

    #wwelogic: :yay:

    #Steph: "Push Khali?"
  7. I would like it to be at mitb ppv it better for it to back that way so CM Punk can vs. Brock at SummerSlam the WWE Champion!

  8. I lol'ed so hard at this. Well played. Oh, what I would give to be a fly on the wall at a Creative meeting (if they even have them)

    This fucking company, I swear...
  9. Probably something pointless like come out and beat up Ace, thus resulting in Ace winning by DQ.
  10. You guys really aren't making me excited for the PPV with this Big Show nonsense.
  11. Don't act like you would be excited for it even without the BS nonsense.
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  12. Most PPV's I'm mildly excited for - only because of the possibility of something surprising.
  13. Such a mark. Learn to never be optimistic about WWE, it will only end in bitter disappointment.
  14. Lesnar
    Masked Kane
    Nexus Debut

    All of those are incredibly recent and I marked out like a little girl for each one. Despite WWE sucking, they pull out some awesome shit that no one else can at times.
  15. None of those things happened on a PPV either excluding the MITB match obviously

    obviously I agree with you though about WWE pulling shit out of their ass.. that's why I want to fist fight the morons who say 'DON'T LIKEY DON'T WATCHY TEE HEE TEE HEE'
  16. I suppose you're right that they didn't happen on PPV, but some stuff has like Nexus attacking Undertaker. Also, the matches on PPV are normally so good. Punk/Jericho, Bryan/Sheamus and Kane/Orton were all 4 star matches for me last PPV. 2 of them I didn't care about.
  17. It's just tough for me to get into a match when the build does nothing to draw me in, no matter how good it is.
  18. I agree there, but I can't help but enjoy watching a guy I mark for steal the show.
  19. Guys that I mark for aren't given that chance : (

    Has Dolph ever had a PPV match that was given 15-20 minutes that didn't wind up being MOTN?
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  20. Lol very good point.
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