More on Lesnar's WWE Status

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. This is gonna be awesome. Thank god we don't have to wait till WM to see him wrestle.
  2. HAHAHAHA! HAT YOUR PROVE TOLD YOU HE WAS WRESTLING AT EXTREME RULES! Will you guys ahley learing to me now! I prove your all wrong AGAIN!
  3. How insightful. We 'could' see him as soon as ER or OTL. No shit, anyone could say that.
  4. I BEEN SAID THE WHOLE DAM TIME! WAY U ALL SAID THAT HE WOULD GOING TO VS. AT WM29 AND DO WHAT ROCK DID! FUCK U ALL! U ARE ALL HIPACARUES! I said this and never learn then your STOCK when find on am right and then said oh we need it all long STFU!
  5. I hereby declare Randy Savage as stale.

    Never said Brock would only wrestle at Mania. You would have to be retarded to think that was the case.
  6. Plus 1. I'm going on my web browser right now to like this post!!!

  7. U,Crayo,Seabs and Big Hoss Rambler and much more did! All said WM29 and or SummerSlam! And I keep saying NO! He going to wrestler John at E.Rule! SO I OWN YOU ALL AGAIN! PIEP BOMB :pity:
  8. I couldn't read this through the staleness...

  9. I'm pretty sure I said we'd see him at least by Summerslam...

    Savage, I don't read any of your posts with caps lock on. So stop.
  10. Show me the quote where I said Brock will only be wrestling at Mania. It doesn't exist
  11. U know I am right!
  12. Not really since I didn't read any of your posts here.

    I know you said he'd wrestle at Extreme Rules. This is a dirtsheet report, no one is right until it happens. I could have written this. I'd be surprised if Lesnar wrestles at Extreme Rules.
  13. Like I said; STALE.

    I took him to the limit last night, and now he is officially played out.
  14. He will! And will win against John Cena!
  15. Right about what? You spout off about nothingness with each passing posts.

    Kind of like those call in to this guy and he will pick the winner of one game...

    You know. He prerecords a message says g this team will win and If u win you keep coming back....

    Guess what. He records 2 messages. One for each team winning. 50 % of the people who got the winning result will fork out $ for the next call. That's how "experts" do it...


  16. If they do have Lesnar go over Cena at Extreme Rules then we'll definitely see a slow burn Cena heel turn.
  17. And that what I want and everyone else want!
  18. Brock won't wrestle for a while. He needs to get into wrestling shape. Squash matches for a while

  19. Nah he won't be wrestling random people.
  20. Cena random LOL? PIPE BOMB :pity:!
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