More on plans for WWE Main Event

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Quite pumped for that to be honest.
  2. Mhm this looks to be good. Ion if paying them to draw so they will most likely draw. And there is another wrestling show on Ion as well so there will be that sense of competition as well.
  3. Looking forward to this, hopefully it won't flop.
  4. I'm crossing my fingers for a new show direction like NXT. NXT is NOTHING like RAW, and I understand why. I really hope this is completely different.
  5. This could be good.
  6. It'll probably be a good show then. Looking forward to it.
  7. Still expecting this to turn in to superstars :sad:
  8. Don't jinx it brother. dude.
  9. is it going to be like saturday night main event?
  10. This could be good... or we can have another Superstars which I'm hoping doesn't happen.
    But I heard that Main Event will be pretty much Dark matches.
  11. They're expecting ratings so it won't be another superstars.
  12. I heard that.
    Dark Matches are always good.
  13. Random matches to keep each other ring sharp with no storylines and stuff are always good? :haha:
  14. They are good.
    The night after Wrestlemania's Dark Match?
    Silly boy :haha:
  15. Now: WWE Main Event
    6 Months Later: WWE Mid Card

    Idek if i have ion. I only watch tv when wrestling is on.
  16. Nothing will come of this show, and I actually prefer it that way. They already have to come up with material for two main shows every week, doesn't adding a third one kinda stretch them creatively?
  17. On ion? Hell yeah!
  18. I'd like this to be like a mini ecw where all superstars got chances to take out their anger
  19. DOOOO IT. More Ryder time. :lol1:
  20. :ohgod:
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