More on Randy Orton's WWE Future Being In Jeopardy

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Source: PWInsider
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  2. That sucks for randy. I hope they will bring him back with a new and improved gimmick. He's still got a lot to offer to the WWE
  3. Wow. This is bullshit. WWE f#ck yourselves.
  4. I don't like this babyface Randy but I don't want him gone though.. Bring him back as heel or something.
  5. Not buying it.
  6. Wow he really is in deep shit after failing the wellness test and now hes not gonna be back even after the suspension is over
  7. They should keep him out for a while, he's stale. He's been stale for a looooooong LONG time.
  8. Looks like TNA might have themselves a new wrestler. TNA would probably have him be the one to finally beat Bobby Roode for the belt or something, knowing their logic.
  9. They basically gave up on him. He will die in the mid-card with EVEN less chance to ever be in a big feud again or hold a title. Randy basically fucked it up for himself.
  10. This is utter bullshit lmao.

    Don't listen to this crap folks. The day after his suspension he'll be RKO'ing Ziggler or something.
  11. But either way meeting or not there's still tension whether or not to build on Randy Orton again as he has to have one suspension and he's out. So they can't invest too much in him only to face him getting suspended again.
  12. Le wild Jeff Hardy appears.

    He had 2 strikes and they put the WWE title on him :pity:
  13. lol, Vince loves the taste of Randy's man juice, this is a ridiculous report.
  14. They aren't dumb enough to let go one of the 4 people they've actually tried to build up into a credible star, are they?
  16. Give him some time off, maybe a small year to fully heal and rest.


  17. I'm not sure whether it's true or not, I don't see them letting Orton go or even being that pissed over a suspension. I could be wrong though, you never know.
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  19. Crying right now.

    I mean, Orton was dedicated to the sport that he left the Marines, and went to jail for it. Then, he's fucking LEAVING? He was the reason why I'm a fan of wrestling.

    How about Jeff? He was pushed after his 2nd violation. ://

    He was a good heel. He's not good as a face. He DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE.
  20. He isn't leaving WWErules. The article just states that a meeting between Randy and management was tense and that management doesn't feel safe with pushing him for the main event at the moment.
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