News More on Styles and other talent negotiating. Who has taken over for Pritchard?

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  2. AJ never struck me as the take a ton of money from the company kind of guy so that being the stumbling point is surprising.
  3. Yeah he does seem to be one of those guys going on loyalty and gives and gives and gives. But my experience is a lot of those guys reach a limit (usually due to age) where they realize they need to make more since their career is starting to wind down.

    His kids might be nearing college age and he wants to make sure they get the best possible thing i dunno. While A doesn't seem like the guy who wants a lot of cash out of the company I can still see it being a factor. If you sacrifice a lot from the company you're gonna want something back I guess.
  4. AJ Styles has 3 kids and a wife at home. It's only logical he wants bigger paychecks and I have zero problem with him wanting raise (no matter if it's 1 million a year).

    Oh, and if AJ Styles is gone from TNA Wrestling, I'm done watching TNA.

    TNA is not TNA without AJ Styles, it's just the way it is. And here's a quick solution: don't re-sign Hogan's and Anderson's contracts, and raise AJ Styles' pay. It's very simple.
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  5. The only problem with that is you're thinking logically. TNA doesn't think logically
  6. Not re-signing AJ is a stupid move. I mean, is Hogan really that much of an asset? What about Anderson? Not a hard decision here.
  7. Re-sign AJ, but get rid of Hogan. Anderson should be there for teh lulz. #August1WarningReactions

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  9. Its one thing being confident. Its another thing actually putting money where your mouth is so to speak.
  10. AJ Styles just tweeted:

    "Dolph'sZiggler can kiss my behind. RT"

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  11. That seems to me he's coming an i understand as you get older money becomes a big thing its starting to for me u need paychecks to set ur family up so imo go AJ. Why not no worse than most bloody footy players.
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