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    The sad thing is I can believe that creative is just flip flopping like politicians. PWinsider are pretty trustable.

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  2. Believable.
  3. Hopefully creative realizes that Cesaro is one of those guys that will be a success if pushed. #WishfulThinking
  4. I don't buy it. There is definitely heat on him.
  5. Do I believe WWE would be dumb enough to randomly start trying to bury one of their top talents after months of pushing him as one of their strongest heels?

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  6. Wishful thinking indeed. I don't think there's heat on him, this is just the way stupid soap opera writers book things. Other than Punk, Shield, and to an extent Henry and Big Show this is just the way heels in WWE are treated.

    Or there could be heat, who knows. We don't really know, and to be quite frank it doesn't really matter.
  7. Well, either if there's heat for some random reason on him or creative are just being idiots, I hope this changes soon.
  8. I hope Antonio makes the writing team humble. This is bullcrap that a wrestler of his talent is being buried.
  9. We all know the WWE Creative are dumb, REALLY dumb.

    But I don't think they're dumb enough to just flip-flop on who they want to push.
  10. Youth movement? Hell no brother :hogan:
  11. After seeing Raw last night, I now believe that him losing the US Title was less a case of being 'punished' and more of a case of them wanting the title to find it's way around Big E's waist. Kofi is likely a transitional champion. I still hate Kofi being the guy who beat Caesro, because whenever someone wins a title for the first time and especially holds onto it for awhile, you always speculate on who could finally end up beating him, and in this case it's disappointing that that guy was someone who is forever stuck in midcard limbo. (Then again, they jobbed Caesro so often in non title matches anyway, so meh.)
  12. Glad the title aint on him as now Kofi can job in champ vs champ matches and Cesaro can climb the ranks.
  13. Pathetic
  14. Kinda obvious he's being groomed to win MITB.
  15. This is obviously what's going on.
  16. Well I was happy for him to lose it if it meant he was getting a push, but with the WWE Logic is seems less likely D:!
  17. Judging by last nights Main Event he seems to be back on track. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  18. Well we can only hope, I'd personally like to see him feud with Sin Cara as he makes Cara look fantastic in the ring. Then maybe push him to feud with Dolph.
  19. Cara can stay away. Antonio won't gain anything by feuding with him and there is no room for Cara right now since he doesn't contribute anything to any show.
  20. Well I meant it more as a filler feud until he gets the chance for a bigger push, plus Cara would ultimately lose to Cesaro to help his push go along.
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