News More on the supposed blow out between Vince and Punk

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  1. Hmm. Could this be why Cesaro was booked shoddely recently. Vince cannot take it out on Punk but he can on Cesaro.
    This does sound incredibly fishy though. Not sure how legit this is.

    Also, Punk thought he was going over? :dawg:

  2. It seems more he was fine with jobbing but rather than just saying you'll job they kept on saying he might win but he might not. I doubt this is true however, punk is a dock though so it has some air of plausibility to it.
  3. Hasn't Ryan Clark written flimsy reports before? Or maybe I'm thinking of Richard Gray from Wrestling News World...

    Anyway, I can buy Punk standing up for guys like Kofi and Bryan and Caesro, but I don't buy that he believed for a second that he was gonna end the streak. If Punk is half as intelligent as he likes to make himself out to be, he should have known that ending the big streak was never in the plans and if he had heard that anywhere, he should have laughed it off. He was one reported to be having issues with creative with the build and it was clear that it was anything but a lead in to Taker's streak coming to an end.
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  4. This
    He's not. :tyson:
  5. I agree. Never once did Punk the play the feud as if his character was going to win. Even in interviews he said that a match with Taker wasn't his preferred match at WM. Why would he say that if he believed he might end the streak?
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  6. Vince, fire Punk please.
  7. lol bless him he thought we was going to end the streak.:troll:
  8. No he was fine with jobbing, he just wasn't told he was jobbing straight out rather that it could go either way.
  9. Yeah i know i did read the report.
  10. Then what does Punk have to be pissed about at all? He was pissed about creative not being able to make up their minds on the finish of the match (supposedly) that he was thinking about walking, even though he was fine with either outcome anyway?
  11. I suppose it's a respect thing, they should have just come out and told him. If this is true then it could just be Punk being a dick (very likely imo)
  12. I personally think this is a load of crap. Whilst it is plausible that Punk would be annoyed at the lack of respect, by being lied to, I don't think for one second he would kick this much fuss up about it. Why would he? Especially threaten to quit, when last minute bookings/changes are the norm in WWE. I've yet to find one accurate unique report from this site, and I'm sure it's just bullshit.
  13. This entire thing is bullshit. For starters Punk was never penciled in to break the streak. He/WWE/Taker all knew from the jump he was laying on his back to end that match. #2 we had all known for weeks/months beforehand that Punk was bailing after Mania... but it took WWE by surprise? Bullshit.

    Vince randomly punishing others because Punk needs time off? The biggest bullshit aspect of this entire story. Whoever wrote this article should be put to death by fire.
  14. Also do you think ANY of the dirtsheet writers have ever taken a basic journalism/writing course? Shits look like a 5th grader wrote it every single time.
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