More On WWE Pulling CM Punk From UFC Event

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Feb 6, 2012.

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    (WWE) - Source: Pwinsider

    -- WWE’s new “Are You Serious?” YouTube show is a direct copy of Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa’s $5 Wrestling project. WWE producers working on the “Are You Serious?” show were specifically told to create something similar to Cabana’s show.

    -- WWE officials recently pulled WWE Champion CM Punk from the UFC on FOX special with Chael Sonnen because when Punk asked for time off, he didn’t specify that it was to appear on TV for UFC.

    It’s believed that Punk was trying to quietly arrange the appearance to make waves and get some attention for both himself and WWE. WWE was not happy with the idea of Punk appearing on another company’s program so they nixed the appearance. As noted last week, Punk still attended the show and was backstage.
  2. I might be flattered by it. It shows WWE thinks I'm a significant member of the company

    If Epico did this, they may not have given a sh*t at all

    It is interesting Taker was allowed to do this, when Lesnar was still under contract with UFC. Meh
  3. It makes no sense. The only thing it could have done was get more eyes on CM Punk and had people talking about WWE during a UFC event.
  4. Maybe Vince believes that kind of publicity would only serve to make WWE be 'little brother' to UFC

    The perception that UFC is superior to WWE floats out there b/c WWE is fake

    I just don't think Vince wants that particular type of publicity for the media to chew on
  5. The sports media (AKA ESPN) doesn't give a flying fuck about MMA and gives it minimal coverage. The one show on ESPN2 about MMA is on at like 1:00 on Saturday mornings lol
  6. I still think it's because Vince hates to acknowledge anything that isn't in his universe.
  7. I wasn't talking about sports media.... I'm talking about entertainment media

    WWE targets shows like that, which is why they welcome hosts from TV and film

    WWE considers themselves an entertainment company now, which is why WWE doesn't have the word wrestling it in anymore
  8. To be honest JC you make a great point. At least it's some reasoning behind what most of us see as a ludicrous decision. Though I wouldn't be surprised if what seabs said is completely right.
  9. Vince looked at it from a business perspective. We may think it's a stupid decision, however there's a valid reason behind it.
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