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I did 10 wrestlemania plans that got changed the other day now I’m back with part 2. Some of these are non wrestlemania plans. There’s going to be alot of money in the bank on this list so be warned. And I’m not saying all of these are true but some of them are,

this will be long so read if you dare.

#1. Edge winning money in the bank at wrestlemania 23. This is from an article I read once were kennedy was talking about how they were going to have edge win it again but a last second change of plans happened.. Kennedy himself wasn’t even supposed to be in the money in the bank match. He was originally supposed to wrestle flair. According to flair in a shoot interview. Edge ended up beating Kennedy for the briefcase anyway a few months later, But had kennedy not been in the Match they probably would have gone with edge.

#2. Bobby lashley vs ??? Wrestlemania 23. Early dirtsheets we’re discussing Lashley possibly turning heel and facing either rvd or cm punk for the ecw championship. Or the opposite was also rumored. With rvd being a heel and challengeing Bobby for the belt. The great khali was also rumored. But Thank god that didn’t happen.

#3. Jericho winning money in the bank at wm 21. I don’t think this one is true but I read somewhere that edge orginally didn’t want to be part of the match because he thought the idea was stupid and asked management to leave him off the show all together. However he was talked into competing by his peers. I can’t confirm Jericho winning was the backup plan but it’s what someone told me once.

#4. John Cena turning heel at wm 28. This was very close to happening to the point were they were already getting new gear for Cena. Unfortunately from what I’ve heard the wwe had some kind of deal with k mart for kids idk.. I just know vince pulled the plug at the very last second, Cena also was rumored to turn heel in late 2005/ early 2006. When he was getting negative reactions from the crowd but vince rejected the idea.

#5. Wade Barrett denied money in the bank 3 times.
Daniel Bryan talked about in interviews how in 2011 the orginal choice to win was Barrett but the company had a change of plans. Due to del rio winning on the raw side, they didn’t want another heel holding the briefcase,

2012. Barrett was given a second chance he was going to win mitb the match was supposed to take place at wm 28. But Barrett got injured, the match was scrapped all together and replaced with team teddy vs team Johnny.

2013. Vince had Barrett in mind again but decided to go with sandow.

#5. Kurt angle as the undisputed champion. Plans got changed and Jericho ended up becoming the first champ instead.

#6. Triple h staying babyface in 2000. During the whole love triangle fiasco between triple h and Kurt and Stephanie, hhh was basically a tweener but he was originally supposed to turn full fledged babyface and the feud was supposed to last alot longer.

#7. Triple threat Ladder match for the world heavyweight title at wrestlemania 20. The idea was scrapped because they felt just grabbing the belt wouldn’t feel as epic or have an epic feel to it.

#8. Stephanie’s pregnancy storyline. A storyline was rumored in 2006. Was that they were going to have vince be the father of Stephanie’s child or something like that. But Stephanie rejected the idea.

#9. Muhammad Hassan winning the world title from Batista at summerslam 2005. Unfortunately Hassan got fired before this could. happen, also during his match with undertaker at great American bash. Hassan was originally supposed to win thanks to interference from the terrorists, One of the terrorists would reveal himself to to be Randy Orton.

#10. Hulk hogan vs hbk. Babyface vs babyface. On his heartbreak and triumph dvd Shawn stated that he originally did not want to turn heel and wanted it to be babyface vs babyface. But hulk hogan pushed for it to be heel vs face.

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