Spoiler More Reports on Former Superstars Returning

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. 411MANIA | Updates on Former WWE Stars Returning

    PwInsider reports Jinder Mahal resigning and joining Raw and Curt Hawkins joining Smackdown Live, if this is true then you gotta make the most of them, don't treat all the resignees like jobbers, give them angles and shit, I can hardly remember when Hawkins did some shit on main WWE programming.

    Carlito is still speculated, which is good for The Shining Stars if signed to Raw, MVP reported too, who should go to Smackdown, ECW dudes Tommy and Stevie (Stevie should do a feud with Rhyno on Smackdown imo), and Melina (probably to SD)
  2. Scotty 2 Hotty playing hardball I see
  3. Fuck all these names, they SHOULD job, but none are big draws in any way.
  4. Comically enough that's not how Vince sees it.

    Only returning guy right now who should get any type of pus his Benjamin. Because when motivated, his work in Japan was top level. Great veteran bully type character
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  5. Sadly. What about Scotty2hotty?
  6. I just think Shelton Benjamin never got his chance to be a world champ which is why I wanna see him on top.
  7. Dude's been a fireman since leaving the E. No push for him unless it is as the workhorse veteran to have good matches with youngsters. But no W's for him.

    Granted I only joked about him. I don't think he's one of the men they are in talks with
  8. He's not world champ material. Trust me.

    His ceiling is as the gatekeeper. You go through him to get at the champ. Not a bad spot to have
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  9. I guess I'm dreaming :sad:
  10. I just need to see the worm and i'll mark. I knew he was a fireman now, he's one goofy bastard.
  11. Carlito indeed heavily speculated (I hope he does come back) and MVP is considered a lock as far as I know...

    Furthermore, I don't think we should leave Kurt Angle out of the discussion...
  12. MVP and Carlito return only to be hit with suspension immediately
  13. Shelton is very talented but has no motivation to handle the stress of being the man. He likes simple, less stress situations, he just happens to be very talented. Reminds of rampage Jackson in ufc. Super talented but has no motivation and doesn't really care.
  14. MVP and Carlito are cool. I'd have nothing against seeing 'em back.
  15. He's the perfect guy to have work with the champ. Just not be the champ
  16. Exactly same thing as rampage
  17. Whatever talent WWE sign/signed NEED to be on Smackdown.
  18. Sad to see the Vampire boy-wonder Kevin Thorn isn't on the list~.

    Truthfully though, Carlito is in no shape to return to WWE. He's entrenched into drugs, and hasn't really "shown" any change in behavior. MVP is a risk on WWE's hands, but it's very slight. Scott 2 Hotty should be a trainer, his character and overall nostalgia levels are not good enough to warrant another run. These are all my views, by the way.
  19. I thought it was TNA's job to sign guys like Mahal and Hawkins.. Now WWE are signing their own rejects.
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