Summerslam Morgan for Summerslam?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. I know it's a massive stretch, but Summerslam normally has one shock factor. Unless Dolph's cashes in, I don't see there being one -- unless Wade resurfaces there. Matt Morgan is obviously heading to WWE if he hasn't already, so do you think there's a chance? If not, when do you think he will (or, do you think he won't at all)?
  2. Morgan for SUmmeslam?

    I would like Matt Morgan to debut/appear at Night Of Champions, costing Cena the title in his home-town. If he hasn't already won it yet.
  3. RE: Morgan for SUmmeslam?

    Weird, I was thinking of Matt Morgan possibly appearing today. Don't see it happening, half of the casuals won't have a clue what's going on anyway. Ambrose is much more likely IMO.

    Wade is a cert to appear as well I reckon.
  4. Morgan for SUmmeslam?

    Ambrose debuting at Summerslam is unlikely as fuck in my opinion.
  5. You never know. He's a WWE employee at least though!
  6. You trying to flame me dawg? :dawg:

    I just don't see a place where Ambrose can fit to be honest. Morgan can have the typical turn up, who the fuck is this, take out X storyline. I'd love Ambrose to have one similar and it would be better, but he's not in that monster mould that Vince faps too.
  7. Lmao I wasn't. Ambrose could maybe interrupt Foley if he makes an appearance at Slam? I'm just confused as to why Morgan would appear, isn't he still with TNA?
  8. No Morgan isn't with TNA any more, else I wouldn't make this thread noob. And I'm not sure why Foley would randomly appear, I'm 99.9% sure that their feud is over.
  9. Hopefully not, I'd give him vignettes. Not keen on the whole surprise entrance.
  10. I thought that the family thing was a work though? That's so bullshit.
  11. The work was Ambrose confronting Foley in that video, and all the tweets saying Foley ruined a generation. Foley saying "I don't want to work with Ambrose because he went too far with my children" isn't a work, he was speaking about not working a storyline with Ambrose. It made me think less of Mick really, much worse has been said. He of all people should understand you need to go some dark places to help bring the best out of a type of character, especially one like Ambrose.

    But then after this happened, a couple more #ThanksMick tweets appeared, so we all presumed it was back on. But they've died completely now.
  12. But Dolph brought up his kids in a promo and he still says he wants to work with him? Disappointed in Foley to be honest, pretty sure Ambrose didn't say anything that bad about them?
  13. Morgan won't be there.
  14. Doubt it, don't see him going into WWE this quickly yet, and if he does I expect him to appear after Summerslam and attack Sheamus maybe, thus giving Ziggler chance to cash it in, and after Ziggler defends the championship Sheamus and Morgan feud for a while.
  15. Im tired of waiting and having 2-3 month gaps to make a different ppv better. Get crayos ultra-ejac out of the way, and bring in ambrose. If not, Morgan.
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