AJPW Morishima retires

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Apr 21, 2015.

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  1. [NOAH News] In a sad bit of news Pro Wrestling NOAH formally announced that Takeshi Morishima will be retiring due to a repeated worsening of his physical condition.

    The 36 year old Morishima has suffered many injuries over the last several years and has been unable to make a complete comeback without the injuries repeatedly flaring up. Morishima was unable to compete in the currently ongoing Global Tag League due to both his right shoulder, left knee, as we as his left elbow causing him too many issues to compete in the full tour and league.

    Morishima went to undergo tests with a physician and it was also determined that he was suffering from high levels of “hemoglobin HbA1c” in his blood, at-risk diabetic. Due to all of these things the doctor told him that he was at risk for further injury and or even fall to the state of being crippled if he continued competing at a high level.

    NOAH is regretful to announce this news and hopes that everyone understands and supports Morishima on his decision.

    From what I have been told it appears that Morishima will not be competing in a final retirement match, due to the mentioned further risks, and that means his final match was on 4/11 in a 6 man tag with Maybach Taniguchi and Mitsuhiro Kitamaya against Nicholls, Haste, and Super Crazy.

    There will though be a retirement ceremony held for Morishima in the near future, the date of which is still currently under discussion.
  2. Shame. To retire at such young age, it must be devastating. Even though he was utter shit for the last few years, he'll always have that glorious 2005-09 run, when he was one of the best big(ger) workers in the world. Every man inspired by Choshu and Jumbo is bound to be good. Lariats and backdrop suplexes FTW. He also has the second best ROH Title reign ever under his belt. His matches with Danielson, Claudio, Shingo, KENTA, Nigel, etc. (ROH) are must-see. From NOAH it's practically every televised tag with Takeshi Rikio, plus the singles with Misawa, Kensuke, Akiyama, Sugiura (2010), etc.

    All in all, Morishima entertained me a plenty of times throughout his career, I have no complaints.
  3. That's sad to hear. Seems like he indeed was awesome in ROH and all.
  4. He had some damn good matches in ROH especially with Bryan and Nigel.


  5. Morishima appeared at today's/yesterday's Great Voyage show and announced that his official retirement ceremony will be on September 19 in Osaka.

    A few pics:



    Let the feels commence.
  6. Shit, that second pic...


  7. @Bort. This feels train has no breaks
  8. Waddaya gonna do.
  9. Mori's retirement ceremony has been postponed for a while.

    [NOAH / Morishima Update] NOAH has announced that Takeshi Morishima’s retirement event that has been scheduled for September 19th in Osaka has been postponed..

    Both Akira Taue and Naomichi Marufuji have addressed the situation and have released their apologies for the inconvenience to the fans. The situation being that Morishima has asked himself to be involved in his final match, but he is still unable to compete with his full mind and body at 100%. In other words being that they feel his condition in general has still not improved and Taue and Marufuji wish to give Morishima the time necessary to improve. That being if Morishima truly wishes to compete in his final match himself.

    For those who may have missed the initial news, Morishima announced his retirement back on May 10 and his retirement show was announced to be held in September. It was also announced that he was suffering from high levels of “hemoglobin HbA1c” in his blood, at-risk diabetic. So this compounded with all the recent injuries that he was suffering from there is too much of a risk of him being unable to heal properly in the future.
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