Morrison shoots on Miz.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Says the guy who:

    1) Can't speak on the mic, when he does, he shits himself.

    2) Can't get over.

    3) Lets other wrestlers have sex with his girlfriend, and then do nothing about it.
  2. It offends me that people refer to Morrison as the Jenetty.. implying that either of these assholes are anywhere near HBK's level
  3. He's probably hyping up a return, plus he was getting over but they pulled the plug on his pushes multiple times.

    The whole Jannety thing seems to have lost it's meaning also. Marty was going to get the megapush but he messed himself up with drugs leading to Shawn taking over. People who say it in regards to talent is a personal annoyance of mine.

    From 2.28. He got a good pop.
  4. Lol Morrison I think you have it wrong

    You see, Miz left Morrison and went somewhere

    While Morrison was left behind eventually to be released for awhile

    But none of these guys are Michaels or Jannetys. They are just Miz and Morrison
  5. This made me laugh. John Morrison is stupid.
  6. Every tag team is the Rockers... something is wrong w/that picture

    The Hardy's were the Rockers, too. Cute, but WTF

    For the record, Jennetty was never as bad people make him out to be. He had drug problems just like lots of guys did

    Let's not forget Christian was 'the other guy' too..... Would you call Christian the Jannetty?

    Marty Jannetty had a drug problem. How many drug attics have their been in wrestling?
  7. I couldn't call Christian the Jannetty because of his accomplishments and future accomplishments yet to come! Besides Christian and Edge both put on amazing matches.

    I doubt this whole thing is actually a shoot b/c him and miz are pretty good friends or else probably said that to keep the fans happy over there.
  8. Morrison only got a pop there because of Miz in my opinion. He used to come out to a couple of girls screaming even when he was pushed (badly I admit). The only time I can stand him is when he's heel. As a face I'd rather watch a Santino & Mae Young segment.
  9. Morrison bombed as face, fair enough

    but we haven't seen face Miz yet
  10. I think he'd excel.
  11. That's cool

    I thought Morrison, Carlito, Orton would all be career babyfaces by now

    I actually preferred Morrison's previous gimmick and that Orton was turned prematurely

    Nonetheless, I was dead wrong. I can't wish better for Miz, because he might be better served as a heel
  12. Orton was turned by fans, not by WWE lol.
  13. Orton was booked too strong for fans to boo him.

    He held the IC title for 210 days... the longest since The Rock. He gave the title prestige and longevity it had been lacking

    Foley and Rock put Orton over huge that summer so by the time Orton faced Benoit the fans had no choice but to cheer him

    Did the fans turn Orton? The fans wanted HHH to turn face in 2000. Instead, he was charged with having Austin run over

    After nearly ending Austin's career, they teamed up. Go, fig.

    Orton was supposed to take over Evolution. HHH didn't want to be Farooq to Orton's Rock
  14. Dude I'm not talking about his previous face turn... I'm talking about his current one. He was booked as a heel and was cheered for it. He was turned by fans, not WWE.
  15. Eh, I can't understand everyones hate for Morrison, especially his overness.

    To this day out of all the massive faces they have in the company, CM Punk, Cena, Orton, Ryder, Big Show etc, my little brothers favorite is John Morrison.

    To top this off, all of HIS friends favorite superstars are John Morrison.

    I don't like his mic work, but to say this guy wasn't over guys is a complete joke. If they pushed him and if he got slightly better mic skills, he could still be a top main eventer. He has that style that makes people like him, the crazy high flying gimmick. You know two other guys that had similar styles? Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio. Not exactly similar, but they're both guys who are exciting and high flying. Look how insanely over Hardy was during his end run with the WWE, and look how insanely over Mysterio is. They all have that kindof style of inring that get people entertained, especially kids. And that's what matters these days.

    Oh and, everything Morrison said about Miz WAS true. He has great mic skills, but he can't top it off in the ring. Look at the Cena Miz matchup at WM last year, that was shocking.
  16. Oh, f*** me then

    You're completely, right
  17. Just because he has a couple hardcore fans, doesn't mean he's over. Stadium crowd is what I'm speaking about, he never got the pops that most faces got. Santino got more than him on every RAW. Yes he has a unique style, but him as a face reminded me of a diva and I'm not even joking.

    He was entertaining as a heel, he said short and sweet lines which entertained me weekly (on ECW). His mic skills aren't bad, not poor, they're abysmal.

    Can't say because of one bad match Miz is bad in the ring either, he's had good matches too. He's not as good as Morrison granted.

  18. @[Crayo] My point was he was hugely over with kids, which would lead to pops at the stadiums. Imo, he definitely did get that from what I saw.

    Oh and, it might've been the one match that I said, but he's had countless others. He's certainly not bad in the ring, but imo he's really boring for someone that is in the ME. But hey, same with Hogan and look where he is.
  19. It's the opposite dude. I mean Morrison had a few screams on his music, even in his big push, but it was mainly women who found him attractive lol. He never appealed too much to kids, in America anyway. I blamed his theme, it's horrific.

    Whilst in a match I loved watching him because he seemed to add something unique each week to his moveset, never could predict his matches.
  20. Eh, I guess we're looking at it in two completely different ways. So agree to dissagree? :emoji_slight_smile:

    To me I thought Morrison with better mic skils and a rougher attitude could be a fantastic uppermidcard - transitional maineventer, I think if they gave him time with this he could've been there right now instead of booking him into his losing streak which then lead to him quitting. Oh well.
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