News Morrison talks about current WWE since he left

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 8, 2013.

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  2. “By the time you hear the thunder, it will be too late because the lightning would have already struck.” - How can such shit mic skills translate so well into text?
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  3. Some people are just better writers than they are speakers. But it is trancendable.
    King George is a prime example.
  4. I meant it sounded as bad as his promos, learn2SeabsTalk.
  5. This for sure. I was expecting hate, it's always nice to see superstars giving deserved credit.
  6. Agreed, not sure I agree on Miz being a face defying logic. He has potential but needs more work.
  7. It defo defies logic IMO. He is too easy to hate to go through the hassle of trying to trick people into loving him. And they are failing at the latter.
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  8. Miz is a odd face. It seems like he trys to hard, and even the way he comes out with his suit, the way he talks to superstars, I still get that heel feel from him. I think he should have stayed a bad guy, but then again they need Miz to be a goody good face for he can sell his movies :pity2:
  9. Fixed :tough:
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