Most Annoying Kinds Of Wrestling Fans?

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  1. That's from a video on Youtube that I just saw. This is, to me, the most annoying kind of wrestling fan there is, someone who still thinks these terms are 'insider terms.' They haven't been insider terms ever since the business itself admitted it was 'fake' and predetermined, and since wrestlers/agents/promoters/etc. themselves started openly using the terms in interviews, books, DVDs, etc.

    I think this is the same kind of fan who takes pride in making sure people know they are a regular wrestling fan and not a 'smark.' I consider the word smark to also be an example of being behind the times. Since everyone knows that wrestling isn't a legitimate sport these days, and since it's easy to educate yourself on a lot of what happens behind the scenes (because the people inside the industry themselves tell you), then technically everyone is a 'smart mark' since everyone knows the business is a work.

    Anyway, I hate putting up with these kinds of fans, as they honestly think the rest of us so-called smarks think we're special for knowing and using 'insider terms' when in reality we're not, it's just them who are somewhat behind the times.
  2. The ones that just accept any and all bullshit WWE puts out aka current fans
  3. Yeah, "smark haters" are pretty damn annoying... "I LUVZ CENA AND SHEAMUZ BECUZ IM NOT A SMARK!! FUCK PUNX AND BRYANSON!!"
  4. Wrestling is more performance based rather than a bona fide athletic competition which caused a frenzy in the media at the time right before WrestleMania V. That was when they admitted in court that it was kayfabe. It was done to avoid sports taxes in certain States.

    Not a coincidence it brought in the "Doubting Thomases" for a while, but alienated the fans who followed it as true sport. The business was never the same and stopped growing as it did from 83-88. Anywho, these certain terms became increasingly irrelevant as the 90's passed. Now they mean nothing.
  5. The one who thinks wrestling is real.
  6. The ones who like wrestlers for looks, and ignore performance, personality, and etc. Kinda dislike Cena fans as well since yes he's a good worker, but even with his full move set he's still just above decent. Not a great wrestler at all compared to most everyone who doesn't get pushed in the WWE.
  7. The arrogant kind of smarks that think because they know what kayfabe is etc that they're far superior to the marks. Irritates the hell out of me.
  8. CM punk becouse you have earn respect, not to ask people to respect you
  9. lol That's almost like me. But I'm accused of being intellectually snobby in general.
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  10. Do you know how to read?

    I liked that era, but I don't get turned on by blood, and I have much better ways to find soft-core porn. Yeah it's better than now, but tbh I think this era can be fixed fairly easily. You know, with things like storylines for all wrestlers and not just the top 5 and continuity.
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  12. Lmao, yeah I must admit I can be like that at times with my retarded 'Orton is awesomezzz' mates. Grr.

    I retract, what this man says^
  13. That's like my mom the other day...

    She goes " You should have watched the game Monday, they are usually really good... Oh wait you watch wrestling. You would rather watch that fake garbage over a good football game."

    I'm like WTH!? Its scripted, its not fake! They really hurt each other. I mean hello! Edge had to retire not too long ago because of his neck, Cena had bone spurs in his fricking arm... I mean come on! She quickly changed the subject then got off the phone. Pwned.
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  14. The ones who go to live shows and then sit on their ass silently for 2-3 hours.

    It ruins the atmosphere for fans watching on TV to see a match or entrance and the crowd is lifeless and look disinterested. I think most of us can agree that a great live crowd helps any Raw/Impact/PPV immensely
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  15. This. Great post.

    Even a average or poor RAW gains +5 rating if the crowd is hot. Hot crowds make it. Could you imagine MITB 2011 being as good as it was without that crowd?
  16. "Eww, the new wrestlers suck! Bring back *insert name of legend who's now 60 years old who's body is in shambles here*"

    Right, JeebaK?
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    Gee, I'm still embarrassed, like they were at funeral.

    Anyhow, I despise a know-it-all marks/fans/smarks. You all know those types of "fans", I mean zero wrestling knowledge in reality and zero brains. Sometimes, I feel like I have the ability to murder them. Ewwwwww.
  18. I agree completely with what Dolph's said.

    Also with Test and Rain. Guys who have no real knowledge of it but claims to and those that want retired legends back grind my gears
  19. Smark haters, guys who think bringing back the AE will instantly make everything better somehow, not considering non-fans who act as if wrestling doesn't hurt at all and similar stuff since they're not really fans, and fans who don't do anything when watching the show are the worst indeed I think, nice points.
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  20. The most annoying kind of fan is the one who gets over emotional and i'm not talking about marks. I'm talking bout educated fans who get legitimately mad at some of the internet rumors. (I'm guilty of it though, I know I'm annoying)
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