Most annoying push?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Varus, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Sheamus's WHC title run push in 2012: The fact that they took the title off Daniel Bryan who at the time was pretty over and then slapped it on Sheamus who wasn't over mind boggles me. Not only that but his push was so damn boring and didn't really lead to anything, he also buried countless people. I'm surprised Del Rio even has a job after that. We got a couple of good matches from it, but other than that it was a very lackluster push.
  2. Right now, Ryback's push was awful. He's a muscled man, but his push was just like "Hi, I'm Ryback, I rule and I will take that title because my muscles are better than your brain".
  3. Santino, that shit was unbearable.
  4. Santino and Ryback. Ryback is just annoying overall and Santino needs to be repackaged cause he aint bad in ring.
  5. The Great Khali's WHC run.
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  6. Speaking of Santino; where is he?:idk:
  7. Injured I believe.
  8. Aj Lee
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  9. This. AJ Lee's push has got to be the most annoying push of 2013.
  10. Khali as WHC and Miz as WWE Champion.
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  11. Going only by the last four or five years or so...

    -The Miz being pushed to the WWE Title and even getting a Wrestlemania main event. I realize though that it was all about The Rock and Cena that year and that Rock costing Cena the title in the main event was just the ultimate catalyst for the two of them to challenge each other for Wrestlemania 28. The Miz was just the third wheel that year and they could have theoretically threw just about any mid/upper mid card heel in that spot, but still.

    -Great Khali's push to the WHC in 2007 was terrible. He's like the modern day version of the Giant Gonzales and the last thing we need is another Giant Gonzales. Again, of course, understanding person that I am, I realize he was just serving his role as a typical big man (big as in tall and giant-like more so than muscular) for Batista to come back and run through to reclaim the belt. Good thing he hasn't been anywhere near championship gold since, though he's still been on my TV screen far more often than I'd like.

    -Sheamus last year. His reign was quite boring and it failed in getting him more over as a main eventer.

    -Jack Swagger bores me to tears, and I hated seeing him win the briefcase in 2010 and cashing in on Jericho. He didn't keep the belt long at least. Then they pushed him to a world title feud this year, too...
  12. Kofi Kingstons...all of them.
  13. Great Khali in 07 when they gave him the title when Edge got injured. Like WHAT?
  14. 2012*
  15. And yeah Khali.. Mog
  16. Either Khali's WHC push, or Zack Ryder's ridiculous push from back in early 2012 if I'm not mistaken.
  17. Alberto Del Rio
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  18. AJ Lee's or the Great Khali's world title run. Both very annoying.
  19. Ryback... he makes me think some 5 year old thought up his name and attire.
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