Most Annoying Smackdown Superstar?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Vince McMahon, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Needless to say, my opinion is Vicki Guerrero. I would rather shoot myself in the foot than sit in a room with her for 5 mins with her 'excuuuuuse meeee, excuuuuuseeeee meeeeeeeee' accompanied by those facial expressions and hair. Its like a package and its worse than the crazy frog. I'm probably asking a ridiculous question, but in your opinions do you find anyone else more annoying on Smackdown?
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  2. Great Khali. Not so much him as how they seem to think that they can give him a push.
  3. +1
  4. Yeah, never happy to watch Khali either. Although Vickie, when in an useless role such as her current one, can also annoy.
  5. Face Sheamus is the most annoying to me..
    I said "Face" because Sheamus can be one of the best entertainers as a Heel.

    Of course, can't forget about Big Show who also deserves an honorable mention here.

    But since :jeritroll: isn't there anymore to make that weird ass sound, I'll have to go with


    Seriously, why???
  7. Santino and his ever-so-increasingly-forced-and-decreasingly-funny comedy.
  8. Sheamus
  9. Matt is that you? :george:
  10. Wouldn't consider Vickie a superstar, so I'll go with Khali..

    The dude is done..
  11. Hornswoggle
  12. Face Sheamus
  13. Most Annoying Smackdown Superstar
  14. Erm......Khali?
  15. Is it wrong that face sheamus is more annoying to me than Khali? :silva:
  16. Not really. We don't see much of Khali, I mean, waay more than we should, but when compared to Sheamus' TV time it's little, so I can understand why you'd find Sheamus worse.
  17. Brodus Clay annoys me the most along with Vickie Guerrero.
  18. the most suckiest tag team is 3mb:yes:
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