Most Annoying Things Wrestling Fans Do

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Jun 27, 2014.

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  1. Wrestling fans can be some annoying motherfuckers. In this thread I’m gonna talk about what I think is their most annoying bullshit they pull at live events.

    1. Misspelled Signs - OK, so you’re going to make a sign for a live event. There’s no harm in that. You want your favorite wrestler to know that you love them. You’re stoked as you wait for things to get rolling. You enjoy the matches that go on before the main event, then it happens, here comes your hero! Time to lift that sign up on high, so he can look over and see that you “Heart Brett Hart!” or that “Cane Is #1!” or you’re proclaiming “Go Jon Cena, Go!”. Seriously? How do you manage to do this? Funny thing is, I was watching WWE Supertape 92, and Bret Hart had a match. Well, a person had a sign letting ‘Bret Heart’ know he was number
    1. Really? Goddamn.

    2. Bringing Signs To House Shows - There are no cameras. Therefore, there’s no point in you bringing your stupid sign. I mean, do you think that Batista just HAS TO KNOW…just ABSOLUTELY has to know that you want him to Batista Bomb you? I find signs annoying at shows or PPVs, but I can understand the nature of it. But at a house show? Really? You have to inconvenience the people behind you because John Cena must absolutely, positively learn that you think he sucks? You gotta get that zinger in, no matter what, huh? You’re an asshole. Don’t bring signs to house shows.

    3. You Screwed Bret! - Say, did you know that about a TRILLION years ago a couple millionaires got in a scuffle, and one millionaire didn’t want to lose to the other millionaire, so one of them were screwed? If you’re a wrestling fan who’s been into the sport for longer than 5 seconds, you’ve heard about The Montreal Screwjob.

    The best thing about it though? Is the obnoxious pricks who go to a live show, and scream “YOU SCREWED BRET! YOU SCREWED BRET!” to anyone who ever had anything to do with the Screwjob. Hell, I’m sure these guys would even yell at fans who were at the arena that night, because they didn’t rush into the ring with canon & musket. Are you a guy who once saw Shawn Micheal’s mailman? Well, don’t show up to a live event, because some Canadian wrestling fans will let you know that “YOU SCREWED BRET! YOU SCREWED BRET!”.

    4. WHAT? – I’ll be the first to admit WHAT?! that when Stone Cold started WHAT?! saying WHAT?! that I thought it was really cool. Hell, I think at a live event I even did it with the crowd. Of course, this was 2003, when it was fresh, and entertaining.

    It’s 2014, and you assholes for some reason still think it’s funny, or entertaining to chant “what?!”.

    Why would you think this? How stupid are you? It’s almost been 10 years since it was relevant, and Stone Cold doesn’t even wrestle. So why do you dredges of society still think it’s really rad to chant that when people are talking?

    I’d rather sky-dive naked and land with a car antenna up my hangdang than listen to you humorless asses say “what?!” one more time.

    5. People who take forever to sit down after entrances and stuff. I hate nothing more than fans who stay standing 20 minutes after everyone else has already sat down… if you want to see you have to stand too while you yell at the stupid drunk to sit his fucking ass down.
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  2. Fans who get offended when people say wrestling is fake, lol.
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  3. When Sandow was doing his "Intellectual Savior of the Masses" and constantly saying, "You're Welcome" - I wanted to be front row with a sign that said, "YOUR WELCOME."
  4. Unenthusiastic crowds are some of the most frustrating to me and make me wonder why some fans even bothered to attend a live show. I know you can't expect every single person in the audience to stand up and show copious amounts of enthusiasm the entire time, but still, a huge part of the enjoyment of a wrestling show (even if you're watching it from home) is seeing the energy and adrenaline of the live crowd and how they react to everything that transpires throughout the night. Buying tickets to go to a wrestling event and then sitting on your hands and making very little noise throughout the show just drains the life out of it. There's nothing worse than apathy when it comes to a wrestling event.
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  5. What chants are indeed very, very annoying.
  6. What?

    Sorry had to get that out of the way, but yeah as Lock said the worst are sleepy crowds, you've paid what I imagine is a shitton of money to get on the show, least you could do is get your moneys worth by enjoying yourself.
  7. Breath out of their mouth
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  8. IT"S REAL TO ME DAMMIT! :upset:
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  10. Most WWE shows deserve apathetic crowds.
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  11. Those fans who bitch about nearly everything that happens. It ruins wrestling completely for me.
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  12. there denial lads

    at the end of the day, we are all nerds who bloody love the business. us lads should stop trying to think we are above
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  13. People are sheep...

    The great majority of activities human beings take on are the direct result of imitation.
    WWE are master manipulators; They will 'milk a cow for all its worth,' or 'hit while the iron is hot.'
    As a result, a dichotomy is presented. The universe will either hate something or they will love it... this will be expressed outwardly

    Apathy, as D'Z alluded, is generally bred from unfamiliarity:
    Once Batista returned in January, the crowd was largely apathetic. (Unfamiliarity after nearly 4 years of absence)
    After milking the cow a bit much, the crowds showed (outwardly) what was truly in their hearts

    I find it humorous that entire arena full of individual people of various creeds and the like all felt the same way toward Batista that night
    Similarly, nearly each member who complained about TGMI and BLFFL privately suddenly backed off publicly. Why?

    How can the functionality of the brain suddenly switch from one mode of thought to another, simply because you are surrounded/being influenced by people of your ilk?

    Sheep irritate me. Irrationality really irritates me. Grown men wearing a t-shirt with another grown man on it is myopic
    Living vicariously through another is disturbing, particularly when the object of your affection sees you as a dollar sign
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  14. Surprised no one's mentioned "hipsters" :letroll:
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  15. I'd like to add fans who make gimmick accounts and join wrestling forums.
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  16. Ironic to follow Senhor with this one, but fans who never let go of the past enough to enjoy the present, which may have been a big part of why I like the WS community here. None of you are like that.

    And what he said, too. I'd love to throw y'all the finger but you get some sort of sick satisfaction out of that.
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  17. I fail to see the irony :annoyed:
  18. i think wrestling fans should embrace their culture, stop being so lilly livered

    be proud that you are a wrestling fan
  19. come on dude be nice.

    we've all grown to like deth.
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  20. add ego-manical mods to the list

    try and grow a beard to appear like a proper bloke, but come across as the sort of lad you see on big bang theory
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