Most Attractive Wrestler (men)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Who in your opinion is the most attractive male wrestler? Why?
    (This is nothing gay, unless, ya know... to each his own!)
    CM Punk I am sure you have some opinions on this. :troll:
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  2. If I had an actual desire for male wrestlers, fo sho Magnus.
  3. Sheamus? Kaitlyn... Is that you? :troll:
  4. I gotta go with Ambrose,his dreamy eyes and rock hard pecks are just so sensual.:fap:
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  5. I have no idea what you are talking aboot. :silva:
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  6. We had a similar thread not too long ago, lol.
    "who would you shag"

    Anyway Reigns, Aries, Ziggler
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  7. Val Venis, hands down.
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  8. That Ziggle D has your pene up in bunches ay? :ksi:
  9. Sure you don't...
    You + Me + Uno = Reasons why Randy Orton is a stud
  10. That crazy face he makes sure gets Crayo 's panties droppin!
  11. Wow. You blurted it out. Life is ruined.
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  12. :sandow:
  13. Ziggy is a sex bomb
  14. My top 10
    1. Randy Orton
    2. John Cena
    3. Justin Gabriel
    4. Dolph Ziggler
    5. Edge
    6. The Sheild
    7. Sheamus
    8. Wade Barrett
    9. Brad Maddox
    10. Drew McIntyre
  15. CM Punk or Corey Graves for sure.
  16. I heard Sheamus and Orton are quite popula with the ladies
  17. Ziggler is one hot piece of ass.
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  18. Brock is an ugly fucker no joke.

    Bryan from 2012 but now Ziggler.
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  19. Kaitlyn.
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