Most attrctive and unattractive diva in WWE history?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crosby, Jul 6, 2015.

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  1. In your opinion

    Hottest diva: Trish Stratus

    Most unattractive diva: Kelly Kelly
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  2. Most unattractive goes to Chyna for sure. :eww:
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  3. Hottest might be Trish, or Torrie Wilson

    Least attractive is AJ.. I still think she use to be a man.
  4. In history?

    Well unattractive is Nicole Bass without question. She wasn't beaten with an ugly stick, they beat her with an ugly tree.

    Most attractive... I'm not really the best judge of these things... I always thought Tammy Fytch (Sunny) was really pretty.
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  5. The hottest has to be either Sunny (in her younger days before all the booze and drugs took their toll on her) or AJ Lee.
    The least attractive has to be a toss-up between Chyna (pre-plastic surgery), Nicole Bass, Jazz, or Tamina Snuka. Really, just randomly pick any of those four and no one will argue that you're wrong.

    (You misspelled 'Attractive' in the thread title, btw... I don't mean to be a dick, I just always feel the need to point these things out.)
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  6. Most attractive... Trish or Sunny.

    Most unnatractive... Well, Chyna and Nicole Bass.
  7. M8, Nicole Bass begs to differ.

    hide your kids (open)

    Cloudy is also up there, but cloudy was a dude in drag.
  8. Most attractive Trish, Kelly Kelly and Aj lee

    Most Unattractive Mae Young, Nicole Bass and Luna
  9. Most Atractive: Lita.

    Most Unattractive: Fuckin' Harvey "Hervina" Wippleman
  10. Most attractive: Mickie James, Becky Lynch, or Trish Stratus :gusta:

    Least attractive: No love for my girl Santina???? Seriously, though, pre-facial plastic surgery Chyna or Nicole Bass with a special honorable mention to Luna Vachon

  11. Most attractive: Charlotte
    Least attractive: Santina Marella
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