Most awful move on wwe right now....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by bigsweatymen, Mar 11, 2018.

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  1. I get it..u might think its because of my hatred..but this move is awful and the jerking before that..Like he is the top guy..he looks badass and he has a bad bad signature move.. download (1).jpeg
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  2. Nah I like it. I hate is spear though.

    My most hated move right now? hmm probably still Cena's moves of doom. Not so much the moves themselves, but the fact that his opponents have to look like idiots walking into them EVERY FRIGGING TIME
  3. The guy looks big boss man undertaker and kevin nash had a kid.. does this silly punch..[emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35]
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    But that's Vince's favorite bit...


    Personally I think everything about Reigns is a forced & desperate joke...
    I think the "Superman Punch" is pretty lame...but I remember seeing
    Prince Puma (Ricochet) use the move in Lucha Underground & it
    actually worked for him as a performer...

    Plus the way Michael Cole calls the move makes me fucking cringe...but
    then I haven't watched a Reigns match since the Royal Rumble 2017.

    I did have to put up with him during the Summerslam 2017 main event...
    but I wasn't going to miss that.

    Also...the spear is kind of generic for a finisher...I mean Goldberg
    has/had the best spear & even he didn't use it to pin his opponents.
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  5. I prob hate cenas combo the most. It doesn’t make sense how no wrestler on the planet just simply wouldn’t throw the clothesline after he does his dumb tackles. The moves in succession bother me so much. Looks beyond unrealistic. You follow that up with a terrible STF from John, and it all sucks.
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    I still think the leg drop is the dumbest finisher. :hogan:
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  7. I actually really like the Superman Punch, especially when he hits a bunch in a row
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  8. Brauns power slam is a good one...
  9. The open fist.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. It's a great move, a punch with extra power. Makes sense.
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  12. But...wouldn't the punch have more power if he was actually
    standing on the mat & using it as leverage instead of flying
    through the air & flailing like an idiot?

    Is leverage the right word?
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  13. Don't think so. Seems like there'd be more power behind it because of the run up and extra speed.
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  14. Well...I guess we agree to disagree...

    I personally think its fucking dumb & the way
    Michael Cole calls the move makes me fucking

    But...each to their own.

    Of course I don't like many things about Roman
    & his entire "Boring, Plank of Wood" persona...
    but that's just me.

    Just talking about him makes me feel sleepy.

    I can't wait to NOT watch his match with Lesnar at
    Wrestlemania. I think I'll read a book instead.
  15. Hey Grievous, who's powerful punch do you hate more - Roman's or Alexa's? :emoji_slight_smile:
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  16. I hate Ambroses suicide dive, it looks weak af.
  17. Romans superman punch > big shows knock out punch all day
  18. That is exactly correct and that is why I hate the move. One of the things I learned on day 1 of my shotokan classes is that your legs generate a large amount of power for the punch. You use your legs correctly on the ground to propel and then brace yourself and the bracing creates strength. Jumping up a little and coming down does not add any power to the punch. It will, in fact, weaken the punch. You no longer have the ground to brace yourself for the contact and you don't come down fast enough to really gain any force behind the punch. If I were to stand on top of a Hell in a Cell and drop a punch on you, it would gain some force. Jumping slightly into the air and coming down, no.

    Flying punches look cool, but when you really understand how they work, they are less effective than stationary punches.

    Keep in mind too that Roman Reigns doesn't do a real Superman punch. A real Superman punch looks like this:

    The punch is a thrust forward, not hitting coming down. In fact, he makes the point exactly that you do NOT jump up and come down, you thrust forward. It's all in the legs and when Roman jumps up and comes down, he loses all of that strength from the legs.
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  19. Alexa' if she could knock anyone out...

    Thank you...
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  20. Can we also not forget that this is wrestling? It’s fake. Also, Roman does for dramatic purposes. Makes it look more impactful, whereas in reality, it’s completely wrong.

    I know you kind of alluded to that, but yeah, his punch is all look and flare, nothing more.
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