Most Bad Ass COD Zombie cut scene ever+Breakdown

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by C.M. Shaddix, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. Right here is the cutscene for the new COD Zombies Map Origins

    Holy Shit here, this by far was the greatest COD zombie intro ever, so allow me to cover some questions and things here I realized... (Pause it at the time listings)
    0:33 - There he is to the left, our first look at Dr.Maxis (from when he was young though) to the right is the younger Richtofen
    0:34 - The symbol on the wall is Group 935 so the group discovering Element 115 was around at this time
    0:42 - I don't know if I am correct or not, but that is I believe is Element 115 (I never had BO1, so Idk, read the story, never had the first game)
    1:03 - Now a few things here, that Zombie's eyes are Purple and he's wearing like an ancient Roman Uniform or something, this must have been one of the first zombies
    1:08 - Now you see the Zombies attacking the German 935 soldiers, notice there eyes are still Purple, who's controlling them?
    1:15 - Okay now the Zombie Eyes are Yellow here, this means its probably Samantha is in control of them here, but how? Isn't this before the rest of the storyline?
    1:32 - Tank Dempsy, and he has one of the new guns
    1:57 - Nikolai Belinski, looking bad ass as always and with an awesome beard!
    2:18 - Takeo Masaki, Nice with the swords
    2:56 - Dr. Edward Richtofen, now what's he doing? It looks like he captured a Zombies and hes studying it, and his hands are a bloody mess.
    3:10 - There's the giant robot, now notice, its glowing yellow at the head, does this mean Samantha is in control of that giant metal thing too?
    3:15 - Now we hear who the narrator is and it is Samantha telling this, so basicially she knows everything and we are playing through it

    Wow, this is just epic, COD Apocalypse is out on 360 on August 27th. Also that song you heard "Shepherd of Fire" by Avenged Sevenfold off the New album "Hail to the King" will as well be released the same day if you want that too.
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