Most Charismatic WWE Superstar?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. Zack Ryder for me.

    Who's your pick on the most charismatic WWE superstar in the CURRENT roster?
  2. Dolph Ziggler.
  3. The Rock. Once he leaves again, Jericho followed by Ziggler.
  4. I see charisma as a trait that embodies the following:

    -Makes people listen, and draws attention, even if one word isn't uttered. *wink*
    -Ability to talk themselves out of most any insult or situation, or have an appropriately witty remark when cornered.
    -Obviously a vibrant or intense personality that compliments their gimmick in the best way possible.

    With all those factors in mind: Y2J
  5. CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho out of full time employees.

    Rock by a mile if he's included though.
  6. Punk, Jericho and Miz
  7. Add HBK and Hogan with Rocky. :emoji_wink:
  8. Sheamus for me. He's not too generic for WWE standards.
  9. Cena, Jericho and Miz.
  10. Cena, Bryan, Rhodes.
  11. The Rock I guess.
    Cena's right behind him though.
  12. If Rock counts does Taker? He's got insane charisma to make the deadman gimick work to the sducess it has.

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  13. Punk, Bryan, Jericho, Miz.

    But guys who had to work through the indies have a natural advantage on this front as they have to do anything to stand out on that scene. Obviously, Miz didn't work up through the indies to the extent that the other three did, but he's a natural on the mic.

    All-time in WWE: SCSA, Rock, HHH, Mick Foley (look up "Cane Dewey" on YouTube…absolutely classic ECW promo).


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  14. Liked as the 'Cand Dewey' promo is so good and Foley could talk and work a mic so well was so strange at times and just suited all his characters OMG Foley is God!
  15. I'd say the Rock cuz he still looks so excited to be there
  16. In my opinion Miz's journey must have been harder. He was a reality TV star, he had to have enough charisma to actually look like a WWE wrestler and not some guest host. Remember when he hosted SmackDown? Who would have thought he'd be our WWE champion eventually?

    But I agree, indie workers tend to be better.

    Rock has to get a mention, wherever he goes he entertains, he's so damn charismatic.
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