Most cringeworthy segments of the new decade?

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  1. So from 2010 to present what would you say are the worst, most cringeworthy segments? I would say most of them are probably Cena related.

    Be a star, not a bully!

    Be a star, not a bully!

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  2. Booker T makes this shit hysterical.

    ::emoji_grin:ead serious tone:: Yo John. John. DO IT. for Santa. DO IT FOR SANTA MAN.
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  4. *insert Cena promo here*
  5. *Any stupid dancing segments involving Vickie or Dancing at all.*
  6. With the exception of William Regal's Funkasauras dance off, which was just lovely.
  7. HHH/Katie Vick 2002.
  8. Try again :pity:
  9. *Any segment starting with, "My name... is Randy Orton."
  10. Cum again?
  11. Your response didn't meet certain criteria :pity2:
  12. Remember when Randy Orton did that cheerleader thing after RKO'ing I think Mark henry? Talk about cringeworthy

    found it :facepalm1:
  13. Hornswoggle was the Raw GM.

    This was the GOAT moment of 2011.
  14. You mean this:

  15. You're going to cut it based on 3 months? :cry:
  16. Was gonna post that, but it wasn't a segment so I said fuck it.
  17. This was a stupid gimmick, some might have found it funny. I dunno.
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