Most damaged wrestlers

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. Which wrestler, is in your opinion the most banged up from their ring work so they will never be able to reach their old level of work again?

    Some obvious choices are Dynamite Kid and Necro Butcher, but who else are on your list?

  2. The guy who broke his foot, and it was turned the other way around. I don't know his name, but whatever
  3. I believe you're thinking of "Psycho" Sid Vicious.

    IMO Kurt Angle has beat himself up the most. He can still go in the ring but nowhere near what he did in the early to mid 2000's.
  4. Yup, Sid. Ric Flair's a really good example... 'nuff said
  5. I think he means guys that are still active wrestlers.
  6. No way in hell is Dynamite Kid still active lmao.
  7. You can name an endless list of wrestlers who can't go anymore if you factor old age into it. I assume this mostly means wrestlers who could still wrestle a full schedule or at least wrestle now and again if not for their injuries, in which case I agree with Edge. He's in danger of paralyzing himself if he wrestles another match.
  8. Whoops, missed that.
  9. #oldeyes
  10. I prefer the term "experienced"
  11. Terry Funk, and yes he still wrestles for some reason.
  12. I'd also say Edge. He came quite close to destroying his whole body.
  13. Hulk Hogan.

    He is elderly, and pretty banged up, as well as having surgery. He can't do every move he did back in his prime, nor in Japan. Taz is another example as well.
  14. Taz is a good call. Neck injuries are the ones that can really mess a guy up.
  15. Bob Backlund, even though he is still better than half of JCW roster :happy:
  16. I thought Backlund was in tremendous shape?
  17. He is... maybe the better option is Ken Patera. I mean the guy can only do bear hugs now, however that still is better than the majority of the JCW roster and there is a lot of fresh young talent on the JCW roster.
  18. Not the most damaged wrestler but he's damaged. Matt Hardy isn't able to compete in the big leagues because of some injuries
  19. Eating too much isn't an injury.
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