Most dangerous finisher to take

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  1. This thought creeped into my mind after lurking about on wikipedia and reading about various finishing moves for my BTB.

    Which finishing move, would you consider to be the most dangerous to take? Not in the kayfabe sense (the likes of the AA and other un kick outable moves). I'm thinking more legit. Moves that are just dangerous to take.

    My vote goes to the Ganso bomb, the freak child of the powerbomb and piledriver.

    Dude picks you up for a powerbomb, but drops you square on you neck and shoulder with little to no protection. It was invented as a botch since Kawada (seen delivering it in the vid) had a legit broken arm in the match he "invented" it in.

    And to make it even more dangerous: Booker T invented the avalanche version of it.

    Which finisher is in your opinion the most dangerous to take?
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  2. Jeez thats tough, since I really only know WWE finishers, which I'm sure are mostly done for show unless botched.

    I always thought a frog splash from the top would hurt pretty bad, especially the way RVD sells it.

  3. Of the current WWE ones, no matter how safe it's done I would hate to have to take the Curbstomp.
  4. Thought Nash had invented the Ganso Bomb that time with Big Show. :dawg:
  5. Or Eddie Guerrero's frog splash from the top of the cage, that looked more painful for him than JBL though.

    Most painful, yeah the curbstomp has to be it, especially the one he did on ambrose with the chair :phew:
  6. The Figure Four hurts like a mf if applied correctly. As far as dangerous, any form of the piledriver, particularly a sitdown or spike piledriver, thus why WWE doesn't allow them.
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  8. Vertebreaker looks like it could be painful as well.
  9. Canadian Destroyer seems awfully dangerous.

    Any kind of Piledriver is pretty fucked up to take, your neck's at stake if the other guy botches it.
    I could be wrong here, but the reason Daniel Bryan had a neck injury could be because of Kane's Tombstone Piledrivers, it seemed to me that he botched that one on the steps.
    Kane certainly has the strength to do it, but doesn't have the technique Undertaker does.
  10. Th Canadian is more dangerous for the dude "doing it" since it is the "recipient" doing most of the work with the backflip.

    Bryan had neck issues before the piledriver as far as I know, stemming from the diving headbutts. The tombstone is as far as I know just the in show reason.
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  11. Kane is one of the most trusted guys next to Taker to do a Piledriver thats why those two are not required to ask before doing it.
  12. Within the WWE umbrella, I would go with Billy Kidman's, so called Shooting Star Press. How awful!

    For good measure, I'll throw in a few lazy Lesnar F-5's.
    I won't post but merely mention A Train, Bob Holly and John Cena (upon Lesnar's return.
    The F-5 isn't dangerous in general, because he can execute it quite well when motivated and not in a hurry (or pi**ed off).
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