Most Disturbing Storylines

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Feb 22, 2015.

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  1. What's the most disturbing storyline you've seen in WWE? For me, nothing can top the Big Boss Man/Big Show rivalry. Big Boss Man taunting Show about his father dying, hijacking the funeral, man that was evil.

  2. Katie Vick

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  3. What the heck.
  4. The Bella Twins rivalry. I mean, geez, when Nikki shouted 'I wish you died in the wooooomb!', that shit was really disturbing.
  5. Then there's this: the most disturbing, nauseating, nightmare inducing, horrifying moment in wwe history:

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  6. Katie Vick is it. Love that storyline.
  7. Opinion based my friend, I thought that was an awesome moment.. Showed WWE had some balls to let a wrestler like The Miz win it like that right there.

    The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust is one of my top 5 most disturbing moments/storylines.
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  8. I can't say I've ever really been 'disturbed' by a wrestling storyline. However, Vince originally wanted to do an incestuous angle with his own daughter Stephanie and the only reason it didn't happen is because she turned it down. Had they actually ran with that, that maybe would have been it.

    Katie Vick was a horrible storyline, but it was more funny than disturbing to me. I found it to have that whole "it's so bad, it's good" quality going for it just like a lot of terrible movies do.
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  9. I tried so hard, for so forget that. THANKS.
  10. Lol I remember the whispers of that angle potentially happening, good thing she turned it down because that would've been weird as fuck and a waste of time for the company.
  11. What's funny is that after Stephanie turned down doing it with Vince, he then tried to persuade her to do the same storyline with her brother Shane instead.
  12. They did go pretty close to that. The I Quit match with all the creepy "daddy's little girl" stuff, not to mention him holding her twat for a good while when he gave her the body slam on Smackdown.
  13. I certainly carried these stories out in the video games. Story Designer was the best.
  14. You're welcome! :sandow:
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  15. These segments. Oh god.
  16. I miss making Vince kiss Steph hahaha. I'm a sick man.

    I crafted stories usually only around Vince sexually abusing divas and some babyface has to face him in the cell
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  17. I never heard this, when did Vince propose it?
  18. Around 2003 when they did have the I Quit match (allegedly).

    But go watch the promo package at the beginning of the No Mercy 2003 PPV where they have the I Quit match. Definitely creepy overtones. Vince wanted some of Steph's butt for sure. LOL WWE is such a freak show.
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  19. Hmm. I was actually remembering it being around 2006 or so for some reason, but 2002/2003-ish sounds about right. Especially since this was around the time they were trying to "recreate" some of the spark of the Attitude Era by trying out different controversial storylines (Katie Vick, Billy and Chuck's gay marriage, Al Wilson angle, HLA, etc.)
  20. Big Bossman serves Al Snow his dog

    Choppy choppy the pee pee

    This whole angle w/ Pillman/Marlina/Godust was weird and rapey. It was cut short by Pillman's death, but here is a sample of the kidnapping rapey fun.

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