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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 4, 2015.

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  1. In WWE and WCW history. Which one is it? In your honest opinion of course, and why is it the funniest?

    The Yeti (or Yetaaai!, as Shiovanni called him) is up there because of the entire presentation of him within the Dungeon of Doom, which was hilarious in itself.

    But Beefcake's long list of gimmicks include some real dingers. Like "The Booty Man" for example. Or "The man with no name".
  2. Flair in the late 90s WCW has to be up there because well it's Flair his delivery was top notch and the fact he's batshit crazy helps. Its not a comedic gimmick persay but he made it that way.

    Second is Scott Steiner.
  3. I thought Boogeyman was pretty damn hilarious... as far as modern day wrestlers go, I laugh every time Bo Dallas come out with his gimmick.. he's a funny dude.
  4. Jesse and Festus was a hilariously.. bad gimmick.
  5. Randy Orton demented/retarded viper gimmick

    Exhibit A (open)


    Exhibit B (open)


    Exhibit C (open)

  6. For me its:
    > Eugene
    > The Hurricane
    > Festus
  7. Hurricane. If not him, Bo Dallas seems to make me laugh every time I see him hahahah. Mick Foley when he was commissioner was by far the funniest shit ever in WWE but that wasn't a gimmick that was jus Mick Foley bein Mick Foley hahah.
  8. The Hurricane or Santino Marella.
  9. Val Venis was one of the funniest for me
  10. Steiner easily.
  11. Hurricane, Festus, Red Rooster, Eugene, Gobbledy Gooker (this was actually hilariously cringe-worthy)
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