Most iconic moments in wrestling?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 2, 2013.

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  1. I'll start.





  2. When Storm broke the beer bottle over Roode's head at BFG
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  3. That moment was iconically bad. God what a brutal decision to turn Austin heel in Texas. Austin could have run over a group of school children in a monster truck and gotten pops for it.

    As far as Vince, this speech comes to mind as being incredibly important to wrestling history

  4. [​IMG]

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  5. All the main ones I'd name for WWF/WCW have already been mentioned but I'll mention them again anyway.

    -Hogan body slamming Andre in front of 93,173 fans (supposedly) is probably the most replayed moment in WWF history. That, and Hogan and Andre eye to eye with each other at the start of the match.

    -Hogan being revealed as the Third Man teaming with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash's takeover of WCW as the New World Order. Along with the Austin 3:16 speech, probably the most infamous wrestling promo ever.

    -WM13 with Austin refusing to submit to the pain of the Sharpshooter even with a busted open skull, resulting in passing out instead and the best double turn ever (although Austin was more of a tweener following this and his popularity as a fan favorite didn't really pick up until around the Summer of that year.)

    -Rock and Hogan staring each other down. Other than Austin/Hogan, there wasn't a closer version of Ali/Tyson in wrestling than this. And if anything, Rock/Hogan may have even been better for WWF at the time because of the mainstream press that Rock had picked up because of starring in The Mummy Returns.

    -The most infamous ending ever in wrestling, the Montreal Screwjob. It was done in front of the world and there wasn't any attempt to mask to as a screw job, unlike the Wendy Richter screw job from the 80's. It also gave birth to the Mr. McMahon character, who ended up being the perfect arch rival to the Stone Cold character which helped the WWF's popularity explode big time beginning in 1998.

    -Ultimate Warrior defeating Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 6 for the world title, giving Hogan his first ever clean pin fall loss during his Hulkamania run was pretty iconic. Seeing Hogan slap the mat in defeat afterwards and Warrior holding up both the world and IC Titles with the pyro over his Warrior symbol going off in the background is replayed often and it was the zenith of Warrior's popularity. It was also intended to shift gears and go with Warrior as the primary star of the future over Hogan but as we know, that didn't happen.

    -Seeing Austin get on the ropes and hold up the WWF Title at Wrestlemania 14 while JR says "The Austin era has begun" over the headset is somewhat iconic. It's been replayed plenty enough in video packages over the years.

    -Mankind being tossed off the HIAC at KOTR '98. Still the most iconic HIAC match ever and one of the most iconic big bumps ever taken in a hardcore match like this. Is there one replayed as much as this one is?

  6. End of the Monday night wars.
  7. cm punks pipebomb
    Edges spear in the tlc match at wm17
    Austins first stunner to mr mcmahon
    Austins beer bath
    Edges first mitb cash in
  8. 1st isn't iconic.
    4th isn't.
    5th isn't.

    How can you compare that to something from the above posts is beyond me.
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  9. NVM my redneck ass can't count for shit.
  10. Marking as I type this.
  11. Fixed it, I misread.
  12. Maybe not as big as the others above but there still memorable and/or had a big impact
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