Most Impactful Finisher(s) Of All Time?

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  1. Throughout wrestling history there have been a lot of great finishers,but, which of them had the most impact and who executed them the best? I'd have to go with the DDT executed by Jake Roberts and the Piledriver executed by The Undertaker.
  2. Impact in terms of the most iconic finishers or the hardest hitting?

    In terms of being iconic, the Hulk Hogan Leg Drop, Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver, Steve Austin's Stone Cold Stunner, Jake Roberts' DDT, Bill Goldberg's Spear/Jackhammer combination, etc. would have to rank near the top.

    In terms of physicality, I'd probably want to avoid Undertaker's Last Ride power bomb more than anything. He pulls your tights and lifts you up higher than anyone does before dropping you hard.
  3. Impact in this case would mean the hardest hitting,but, I'm quite fond of both your lists.
  4. By impact I take it as most big and most painful looking.

    Pepsi plunge, Top rope tiger bomb, Chokeslam, Any piledriver and a spike DDT.
  5. Dat Mr.Socko.
  6. Jackknife power bomb.
  7. The kiss good bye is pretty impactful. I would say that!
  8. The Sleeper and Kimura are pretty hardcore
  9. Jackknife or.. Luke Harper's Big Boot... jesus.
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