Most improved wrestler overall

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  1. Thought I would start this because I feel that there is a wrestler that has improve drastically in his performances overall. Mannerisms, mic work. Flow in the ring. Watchability, etc.

    For me that person is Cody Rhodes.

    He barely talked in legacy. Then got turned into the ultra boring "Dashing" gimmick. He started coming into his own with mic skills about halfway through the mask era.

    Now the man is crisp in the ring an his mic work is phenomenal. The way he changes his mannerisms and facial expressions mid way and mid sentence during promos is second to none right now!

    Personally, he is a gem and should be a full fledged headliner now!
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  2. Moved for you mate :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I'd say Cody Rhodes too, or Dolph Ziggler. Both of those have upped their game so much, both in the ring and on the mic.
  3. Ziggler was a close second for me.

    But then I remembered he was in the "spirit squad"

  4. Totally agree Cody Rhoes has become fantastic and he's bound to be a main eventer soon and for a long time.
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  5. 1.) Him being in the spirit squad should only add to his argument for most improved
    2.) It's not like he came up with the idea for the spirit squad

    Outside of Dolph and Cody, who are pretty clearly the top two, the Miz deserves a mention. He was a dorky fanboy when he signed with WWE and was basically a host of crappy shows.

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  6. Yeah I agree with the Miz as well he's defo on the rise.
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  7. Idk about being on the rise, he's pretty much plateaued in my book, but his rise from 2006 to 2011 was huge.
  8. Someone who deserves a mention is Barrett, he's improved a great deal in ring compared to 2010.
  9. Barrett was always a good worker. He just needs to annunciate better and he will be better.

    And his new entrance has gotta go!
  10. Barrett was horrible in ring during the Nexus run, didn't you see his matches with Orton? They bombed.
  11. My memory may have lapsed.. Not a big Barrett mark tho.
  12. Have to say Ziggler too. From a caddy, to a cheerleader, to a show off.. He's doing pretty damn good.
  13. Barrett is right to be mentioned. Though he's always been a Gods gift on the mic, even in NXT he upstaged most of the "pro's". He was poor in the ring though but now he's more than bearable, like Miz, both of them have improved drastically in the squared circle.
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