Most Inspirational Man in the WWE and one of the most in the world

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Feb 5, 2013.

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  2. I remember seeing an interview where he talked about being 23 or 24 and his NFL creams being crushed, and he had to move back in with his parents with no job and only seven dollars to his name. 3-4 years later, he's one of the hottest superstars in the WWE and would eventually go down as one of the best ever. Years after that, he'd become one of the highest paid men in Hollywood. He could retire tomorrow and he would have achieved in the last 15 or so years what most people don't achieve in a lifetime.

    Maybe he'll run for President one day as well. :rock:
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  3. Wow. The Rock worship on this forum is staggering. One of the most inspirational men in the world? Err, okay. He failed at the NFL and went to WWE where his sucess was practically handed to him because of his heritage. He then took his popularity and made movies with it. Where exactly is the inspiration? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't almost all big time celebrities have a rags to riches story? Any number of hip-hop artists come to mind. Oh well. Threads like this confuse me. I'll probably never understand why the great one is so great.
  4. Still he would have to be somewhat decent at wrestling and if he didn't have the charisma that he does, he would have gotten nowhere near as far today (It was probably scripted but you still need to be able to sound awesome when pulling it off). So even if it was handed to him, the fact the crowd and people love him so much, is a testament to his hard work. Just look at Cena they push him down our throats and most of us just can't stand the man. I'm not a Rock mark by any means, but credit where credit is due, he got to the top.
  5. I know, I know, lol. The Rock's very talented and charismatic and his success is very impressive, no one's disputing that. I just thought the title of the thread was a little naive, that's all. I find more inspiration in someone like CM Punk, personally. The Rock got to where he is with a great deal of support and natural ability. Punk got to where he is without support and natural ability. To me, that's more impressive. But it's stupid to praise Punk in a Rock thread, so I'll just shut up, lol.
  6. Yeah we could talk for years about how people like Punk and Bryan are genuinely good wrestlers who have done so much more than people like the Rock but we'd clearly be hated on. But as for the Rock, yeah it still took some skill and talent to get as far as he did today, so I do try to give him some respect even if at the moment, I can't stand him in the WWE :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:! I do agree that the thread title is way too naive about this though.
  7. I have 7$ now, can I be the WWE Champion 4 years from now? :cornette:
  8. Yes, then if you wait 7-10 years, you get a title show absolutely free!
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  9. I will beat that cookie puss 18 years from now to end the longest reign on the last 25 years :mad2:
  10. :nogusta: then all the fans will love you!
  11. The People's Champion..BARAAAAAAAA :rock:
  13. What in the blue Hell is "BBQ"? :rock:
  14. Not sure if serious or trolling.

    Incase here is a photo of a BBQ

  15. Not trolling , my English is nowhere near yours :cornette:
  16. Considering I live in England and have done my whole life, I wouldn't expect it to be :emoji_grin:! But it's where you grill burgers and stoof :emoji_grin: I love BBQ's personally.
  17. For once I agree with the pound for pound biggest Rock hater in the world, Laura.

    1.) It's not like Rock came from a broke ass family. No matter how 'bad' or 'rough' things were for him, he was never going to just be a broke dude who amounted to nothing.
    2.) The man had a degree from Miami that he had earned for free based on his god given athletic ability as a football player
    3.) We've ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL had or will have that moment before we start our career and we are broke as fuck. Yawn.

    Now of course I disagree when she says Rock was handed everything in WWF based on his name... he was clearly an amazing talent and whether his last name was Johnson or dickhead he would have been a hot commodity in wrestling.
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  18. If you look at his Twitter you can see how much he ties to motivate and inspire. He's obviously not one of the most inspirational men in the world, but he is pretty inspiring.
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  19. I think that one inspirational man in WWE is Cena because he never quits, he gets something in mind and never quits until he make it real. Other former WWE superstar is Jeff Hardy, for me is really an inspiration, he taught me to be different, that different people may be the best people of the world. And an inspirational man in the world... Well, that's more difficult, but I'm gonna say Andy Biersack, he came from nothing, being an emo that is really difficult at high school and now he is a really great singer from BVB, he taught me that doesn't matter your situation, everything has another option
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