Most lackluster gimmicks?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Aug 25, 2016.

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  1. Out of all the wrestlers, both old, current, and new...
    Which do you think had the most lackluster gimmick?

    Because one of my favorites once had one of the worst gimmicks, I am going with Isaac Yankem. Not only were the segments involving him bad, but the character was just awful. Nothing about him did anything for anyone. I don't even think he lasted that long before he was canned and rebooted as the more loved Kane.
  2. Just look up the WWF's roster from the New Generation era and you can get a slew of terrible gimmicks. Mantaur, T.L. Hopper, Aldo Montoya, The Goon, etc.

    That said, I always have to go with Red Rooster as the worst. Poor Terry Taylor's career never recovered from it.
  3. The one Billy Gunn
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  4. cena. thinks hes a rapper. dresses like a kid and wrestles like one. makes friverlous jokes and cant work for toffee. what sort of gimmick is that.

    you dont need a gimmick in wrestling. so long as your as sharp as a yorkshire whip in the ring your doin your job.
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  5. Ambrose's whole wacky phase. From being scum who only had wrestling to rely on, to the cocky prick in The Shield, the whole Lunatic Fringe phase was such a let down. From sliming Seth, to the ice buckets, to the cop outfit, to the wackyline, to Mitch the plant, to the Ambrose Asylum. Not to say he hasn't had good periods, such as his stuff with KO and Trips. But the majority of it has been trash.

    Just glad he's finally been on the up and up since the brand split has started.
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  6. Red Rooster was fairly bad destroyed the guys career.

    And the WCW Shockwave thing.
  7. Lord Tensai was silly. Though I liked him :urm: .
  8. Agreed. I loved the big lug as a worker. But they tried to present a big, tattooed white guy as a Japanese lord. Shame since the gimmick only needed minor tweaks to work
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  9. - Perfect Shawn.
    - "Bull Power" Leon White
  10. Lord Tensai and Dean "HE'S CRAZY, MAGGLE!" Ambrose.
  11. Daaaa-DA! Da-da-dada-dada-dadada..
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  12. Shut up. Everybody loves :supercena: and YOU. CAN'T. CHANGE. THAT. :cena4:
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  13. :lol1:

    I was trying to sing the Fandango song! :why:
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  14. Tensai They gave him extended sqaush matches that were boring to watch plus a stupid gimmick for a white dude despite his excellent first post wwe run
  15. I was really hoping Apollo Crews would do well but he's just so generic and boring for me to care
  16. Remember when one of the dudes in Demolition became the Repo-Man?
  17. Bob Holly's first run as Thurman "Sparky" Plugg, and his continued push as a race car driver. I mean, it was so idiotic and pointless. I will never forget whenever Vince McMahon was doing commentary on the 1996 Royal Rumble how when Bobby Holly came out he was like, "Bob Holly! Start your engines!" It was so dorky.

    But the reason I would consider it lackluster is that with all of the bad gimmicks, it was such a non gimmick. I mean, Bob Holly supposedly being a race car driver had no real effect on his character. It had no effect on his wrestling style. He didn't go around talking about being a race car driver. He didn't have people attack him and there wasn't any weird storylines about his race car career being in jeopardy because of a sneak attack. It seemed like the entire point was to have him be a race car driver just for his name and his outfit. Very glad he eventually became Hardcore Holly, which was a better character.

    And what about the Iron Sheik becoming Colonel Mustafa during Sgt Slaughter's title run? Did they have to bring him back as a different guy? Why the hell couldn't he have still been the Iron Sheik. I seriously doubt most fans at the time really gave a care if he was from Iran and not Iraq. I mean, Slaughter wasn't from Iraq but they still connected him to it. I just think that would have made more sense to let him remain the Iron Sheik since people already knew him as that.
  18. Oh, crap! I thought it was Cena's tune. :lol1:

    But, yeah, I definitely agree with ya now.
  19. WWF 1995-1996 was all dorky. Michael Cole from 2013-2014 reminded me of Vince McMahon from the mid 90s. Just a massive dork with the corniest lines (especially when Adam Rose came out, in Cole's case).

    On that note, Adam Rose was tremendously retarded, as a face. WWE gave more TV time to a guy in a Bunny suit and some party boy than a large majority of the WWE's roster. I like Adam Rose, but the gimmick was so bad, and it's kind of hard to believe that WWE even thought it would work. Party boy gimmicks are so out-of-date, lousy and it had no edge, at all.
  20. Kevin thorns Mordecai gimmick
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