Most missed wrestler?

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  1. Who's your most missed wrestler? For me personally it's Eddie Guerrero, this guy was a legend and had real talent, I truly miss them days. He was great at what he did and always entertained everyone, especially with his chair tricks. I also miss Chris Benoit, although aside from outside the ring, he was a beast in the ring and had serious talent. I remember when Eddie Guerrero won both the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship, good times. Who do you miss? I miss many, but those are two that just stood out to me right at this moment and have done a lot for the wrestling business.
  2. Oh definitely Eddie. In terms of who's alive right now I guess I really miss Edge, Angle and Lesnar.
  3. For me it's Owen Hart. He was just a great all round talent and seems to be a great guy. It was horrible they way it ended for him. I miss Eddie and Benoit also. If we're talking guys who are still alive then Edge. He was a guy who had a true passion for this business mixed in with his hard work and great natural talent.
  4. Yeah, this includes both alive or dead. I also miss Edge too, the way he had to step down from what he loved doing and his promo that he gave was just sad to see. He was so passionate and talented. Smackdown is struggling so much without him.
  5. Not going to lie, teared up in his promo on RAW. Slightly, :wink:.

    Agreed with Owen, horrible way to go. Edge being forced to go must of been tough though.

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  6. Definately Benoit. The man was a legend with his toothless agression. I miss him so much, and it really sucks he's dead.

    In terms of who is alive, I have to say definately HBK.
  7. There is 3 for me. Kurt Angle, Edge and Jeff Hardy.
  8. I would of said Hardy if I didn't just despise his "real self". He's very talented don't get me wrong, and a return would be pretty cool, but he's not in the same league as Edge/Eddie/HBK.
  9. I started watching in late 07, so yeah. But probably Batista. I miss seeing him on WWE.
  10. Ah so you're still relatively new. Do you ever watch older episodes?
  11. Eddie, period.
  12. Rikishi and his good ol' stink face.
    Oh wait, most of you are new fags to this scene. [​IMG]
  13. I'd of hated to wrestle Rikishi to be honest.
  14. If I was a wrestler, Rikishi and Andre the Giant would be the only two that would have me literally running saying "I FUCKING GIVE UP GO AWAY PLEASE."
  15. Lol apparently Mark Henry is a tough guy to wrestle, he's one tough SOB.
  16. Oh fuck, he's black too. -adds another wrestler to my fucking run list-
  17. Is it too harsh for me to suggest Chris Benoit to put on the list?

    Yeah, sounds too harsh. :lol:
  18. He's ripped, I could take him. The scary mofo's are the ones that look like they could eat me.
  19. It would probably be Gillberg.

    He reminds me so much of myself.