Most of us are displeased with Jericho...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. In the sense that we're simply not excited for his returns, or his feuds, because it's now become predictable. He has this fetish for putting people over, and that is great, but it could be so much more if he still actually won SOME stuff right?

    What would you do to improve Jericho with his returns? His promos and matches are still fantastic, but the booking around him and the end result aren't.
  2. Stop returning so often, if you're gonna do the big return be a big deal.
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    Yeah, he needs to stop leaving and returning every other week.

    Also, simply jobbing to someone doesn't really put them over. Jericho needs to be put in a solid, meaningful feud. His feud with Punk was pretty good, but even then he ended up losing ALL his matches with him (irrc, could be wrong) which I don't think helped anyone. Just made him look kinda weak.
  4. It would be nice if they gave him a WHC run or even better a full blown feud with Bryan with a best of Seven series.
  5. Agreed that if he's gonna return, have it be a big deal and not so often. His return in 2007 was a big deal for this reason and even in 2012, though the latter was considerably less so (to me, anyway.)

    The problem is he has so many outside projects (namely Fozzy) that he loves to sink his teeth into that he's probably never gonna be around on a long term basis ever again. He's gonna be off and on like this likely until he decides to hang them up. I almost don't care at this point because he's done as much as he can do that what is there left? Another IC Title run? Another world title run? There's nothing left for him to do except make others look good in matches and provide at least some entertaining segments and matches. I can see his POV with jobbing so much in a way. I've also said before that he is a second tier star and not really on the same level of guys like Rock, Cena, Brock, Triple H, Undertaker, etc., who can help make a superstar hugely with a big loss. Can anyone really consider defeating Jericho as a sign that you're being pushed to the top? Even in Jericho's prime, this really wasn't the case. Defeating Jericho isn't really what a Wrestlemania main event builds to, defeating him is more of a stepping stone to fighting the other top guys that I mentioned.
  6. Stop jobbing, better storyline, don't return too quickly.
  7. He is like a filler or booster for other wrestlers. I don't like that. He is one of the best WWE ever had imo and should not be doing these random spurts he is doing. I would like him to stay away for longer periods of time and turn heel.
  8. I like that he wants to put other guys over, but I don't like that it happens so often. It's going to the point where he looks so weak.
  9. I don't mind him putting over wrestlers, but to do that you have to cement yourself. Yes Jericho is the first undisputed World champion, and many other great things, but none of that matters right now. He needs to cement himself with wins, maybe even over a couple of jobbers. To put someone over, the way with Jericho, he should be in a feud with someone, maybe a midcard champion. Have Jericho beat other young guys, and maybe even the champion in a non title match(barely) after he earned his spot. THEN when the time comes he can put the guy over. It looks much better because Jericho has that feeling that he's not just a jobber, but someone who can actually win. That's just my theory though.
  10. I like Jericho matches but WWE makes him look like shit, his really often returns sucks... I liked when he returned in 2011 was dope imo. "The end of the world as you know it is here", that made me pay attention to the show tbh... Also yeah, he looks like a damn NXT rookie with all that matches he has lost...
  11. Oh hush Crayo, you loved it when he returned at RR just like the rest of us.
  12. I think a lot of the flack comes from the fact he just keeps losing. If he came in with momentum and wins to put someone over I don't think there would be as many complaints circulating.
  13. Well yes, the fact that the guy keeps losing makes having a win over him less worthy, sure. I agree, if he's supposed to be putting guys on the ME he should look more credible.
  14. He needs a better push
  15. Ok Jericho I admit doesn't do a lot when he returns apart from help out ppl over etc... as mentioned. But there is something about his returns I love. How much he obviously loves coming back, everytime he walks out he looks genuinely stoked to be there. Compare this to say Rock and Brock who just seem meh at times. Plus Jericho has entertained me far more than both of those despite not doing much. As far as I'm currently concerned Rock and Brock could leave and I wouldn't care in the slightest however i'd be gutted if Jericho left on a permanent basis. He still has that aura about him and all fans who know anything about wrestling know he is a wrestling great and one of the best of all time.
  16. Last year I was really pleased with his run, even if he wasn't winning matches. Look at it.

    -He executed the last swerve WWE did to perfection, we all thought he was winning the Rumble.
    -He had what we all thought was the best feud of 2012 with Punk culminating in a MOTYC at Extreme Rules
    -He stuck his nose in the middle of a title match with the three most boring people on the roster and made it interesting. Sheamus, Orton, Del Rio... :yay: Jericho
    -Bumped his ass off in the Raw MITB match
    -Gave us a match we all wanted to see (even though it disappointed) with Ziggler, got his signature win that helped his return, then put Dolph over on Raw (questionable, but still)

    This time he hasn't nearly done as much, but he's already given us one mark-out moment at a Royal Rumble that was starved for them and helped keep us guessing in the Elimination Chamber.
  17. Also kicked my flag. :lol1:
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  18. Hey fuck you buddy. Don't lump my nigga ADR in with those other two assholes. I reiterate, fuck you.
  19. ADR is fucking boring.
    Sheamus and Orton are really fucking boring.

    That better?
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  20. brb making a trip to Knoxville. Watch your back, mother fucker.
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