Most Offensive wrestling moments.

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  1. i love to watch wrestling but some moments, like from the attitude era were just, trashie
    ... what do you think is the trashiest moment in wrestling...reply with link below... all i can say is Katie Vick...

  2. The whole Zack Gowin thing was pretty fucked up
  3. I've never truly been offended by any kind of wrestling storyline. Although there have certainly been some trashy moments... Katie Vick was probably the worst storyline I've ever witnessed in wrestling personally.
  4. Yeah, zach would get bloodied up, with his mum sitting front row... that was sick! XO
  5. The Mae young hand baby was just plain stupid. My intelligence was offended

  6. :upset: dont remind me!
  7. I screwed your brains out!
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  8. The use of Eddie's death seems pretty bad, too. That time when Orton said Eddie was down in hell? Sounds offensive.
  9. I can't remember that one Leo. I don't think the way Batista used his name was bad however. That could be quite a good debate. Some people were offended, but I think it's just being a good heel. Eddie would never have minded, it's not offensive (it's just stating the truth unfortunately).
  10. i dont remember that, thats why i said show links to the videos.
  11. I hadn't seen it until now, only heard of it, but here's the video:

    Batista saying Eddie's dead is not really offensive, but some people might consider the Orton thing to be.
  12. Oh now I remember that, yeah, that can be seen as borderline. Personally as a big mega fan of heels I'm okay with that, it's just a character and most people will know Orton has the utmost respect for Eddie. But I can definitely see why people would hate that.
  13. Owen Hart dying in the middle of the frickin show, and it still continued. That's embarrasing.
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  14. This. I heard that when he first fell and they weren't sure whether he was going to be OK or not, it was a mess backstage and no one knew what was going on, so I won't say it was wrong to continue at this point. However, we got to the point where JR said he had died on PPV. If I was a fan and simply heard a wrestler died during a PPV, I wouldn't really be interested in watching the rest of the show. Continuing the show after they were certain about his death and even said it on screen is simply wrong.
  15. The show had to go on sadly, it was a terrible thing that happened but to do anything else could have killed the company.
  16. well, the video promo after the incident was a sad coincidence. they should have not shown the triple H and Rock feud promo it talked about putting the rock in a cascate and killing the rock... ill post the promo later.


    Even more embarrassing, this promo after they announced his death... its at near the end or the middle.
  17. Maybe he is in hell, not like any one can say for sure he's in heaven. Saying he went to heaven is stupid cuz you don't know if he did. You're just saying that because it's the right thing to say when someone dies.

    And I actually liked Orton saying he's in hell, gave me a break because everywhere I went I heard stuff like "R.I.P. Eddie" or "We miss you Eddie", then came Orton being a rebel as always and saying the real thing that was probably in the back of the minds of many but no one would dare say such a thing.
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    Heaven and hell aren't real. Religion is a sham
  19. Yeah, I didn't really expect the IWC to really be big on religion. Just like I didn't expect the IWC to all have the Rock as their fave, despite the fact that he's the great one and has the best swag out of any wwe wrestler.
  20. But...there is a real life picture of Jesus?

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    I actually thought the way they used Eddie to get Rey over was worse personally. It was pretty disrespectful considering how close it was to his death IMO.