Most overrated & Most underrated

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. Name 3 superstars who you think are the most overrated and 3 as the most underrated....

    Most underrated:

    1- Tyson Kid:
    The amazing high flyer who has a great talent in the ring, always looking for them to push him to at least being a US Champion , but I guess his size isn't helping, I just hope WWE realizes what they have in him and how much potential talent he has...

    2-Drew McIntyre:
    Amazing talent who deserves a lot more than what he gets, he was pushed when he debuted as "The Chosen One" and won the IC title, but things went downhill for him, I just hope he leaves this stupid 3MB and get a singles push soon...

    3-Kofi Kingston
    Kofi is a 4 times IC champion , a 2 times US Champion and a 3 times Tag Team champion....
    Despite all this, Can you believe that Kofi has yet to get a 1 on 1 world title match in his 5 years career in the WWE ?
    That's all I have to say to describe how underrated this guy is...

    Most Overrated:

    1-John Cena:
    Now before you start bashing me about this , let me say this:
    Cena is a great worker and I respect what he did for the company in the last 7 years, he carried the company on his shoulders 2005-2008, and without him the company wouldn't have been the same right now...

    But Cmon....
    HBK has won the World title 4 times in his 22 years career..
    Undertaker (who I consider the greatest of all time) has won it 8 times in his 22 years career...
    Cena won it 10 TIMES IN JUST 10 YEARS...
    I'm not criticizing Cena the person, I'm criticizing Cena the character that have been shoved down our throat in the last 5 years...

    His character is stale, his wrestling abilities is not that good, It's always the same boring thing , he gets dominated throughout his matches and near the end, he turns into Superman and defy the odds...

    This used to work back when he was an underdog, but how is it suppose to work now when he is always the upperdog?

    2-Big Show:
    The guy should just retire instead of sticking his big ass in Main Events, I will never get the reason why he is a world champion now instead of many talents who deserve this title more than he does...

    3-Alberto Del Rio:
    I think he is a great wrestler who has a great potential, but the guy is becoming boooooooring as hell with his current gimmick, he needs a character change....
    yet he is always a main superstar on both Raw & SmackDown....
    The fact that he is a 2 times WWE Champion , just 1 less than HBK who is a 3 times WWE champion is killing the hell out of me...
  2. Underrated

    1. Kidd
    2. Gabriel
    3. Kofi


    1. Big Show
    2. Cena
    3. Sin Cara
  3. I agree with all your picks Baraa. Things normally don't come to my mind on moments like this but I'll just pick yours as mine.
  4. Thank You Leo :smug:
  5. I'd agree about Kofi. I think what he really needs is a gimmick change. The colorful tights and Jamacan music seems a little...playful. It's hard to take him seriously.
  6. Kofi has a lot of talent as do a lot of the smaller guys which is why Gabriel is also in my eyes underrated.

    Really need a cruiserweight division as apart from Rey in recent years the high flyer smaller guy has gone no where.
  7. :yes:
  8. Overrated:

    - Sheamus (among the casuals anyway)
    - CM Punk (sorry, but he is by those who say he's genuinely the best in the world)
    - The Rock (by recent standards anyway)


    - Bryan
    - Tyson Kidd
    - Alex Riley
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  9. I'l take Sheamus as well Crayo.

    But disagree on Punk as he is so talented i think he is just lazy sometimes and off his game regards WWE. Especially if u compare his work ethic to someone like Cena.

    I always feel despite me thinking he is overrated that Cena puts 110% into the company and his show whereas Punk despite my slight fanboy nature towards him I sometimes feel he's sloppy and not always giving his all.

    So I suppose I am saying Punk is overrated atm. LOL
  10. :shock:
    You think Punk is more Overrated than Cena & Show? :shock:
  11. You disagree but you agree? That post mindfucked me lol.
  12. Cena is underrated, grossly underrated, by the IWC anyway.

    CM Punk is believed to genuinely be the BITW by a lot of the IWC and casuals, when he's not. He's underrated by some as well, hardly anyone has the spot-on opinion of CM Punk.

    This is coming from a Punk mark btw, I love the guy. Her's just not the best in the world, he DOES make mistakes and some of his actions are questionable. Other than that though he's a fan-fucking-tastic talent.
  13. LMAO

    I agree Punk is overrated but I disagree as the talent is there I just think it's Punk not putting 110% in all the time!
  14. Cena "The Person" is definitely underrated with what he did for the company during the last 7 years, but I'm talking about Cena "The Character"...The superman we see everyweek who is the most overrated ON TV CHARACTER in the history of the WWE.
  15. I'm not questioning his talent anyway, I am just saying he's not the BITW - even on his best day - when many seem to think he genuinely is, lol.

    But hey, that's my opinion I guess. Perhaps he is one of the best all-rounded talents in the world.
  16. His character is also underrated. People say he can't wrestle and can't cut a promo... If that's not underrated I don't know what is.
  17. Punk is slightly overrated. He's still a top wrestler though.
    John Cena has the mic skills but he's overrated in general imo.
    D-Bry is underrated. He has improved so much on the mic and he's the best wwe wrestler currently active.
    Ziggler is also underrated. He, as well, as D-Bry both deserve wwe title shots in the very near future.
  18. :blown:
  19. By overrated I mean by his die hard internet marks who think he can do no wrong. The ones who say he's a better wrestler than Bryan, HBK, Benoit, Eddie, etc.
  20. Like Gohan?
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