Most overrated Superstar

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. In your opinion, who's the most overrated superstar on the current WWE roster. I'd have to go with Sheamus.

    Debates are fine, no flaming/trolling.
  2. You have no idea how angry you make me. :sad:
  3. Nobody. Most people here are pretty reasonable

    No one here absurdly overrates any one guy, currently.

    I don't think Miz/Ziggler have the upside some think they do... but I don't believe they are overrated

    To further confuse you, I believe Miz/Ziggler are both good at what they do and should keep doing it
  4. How dare you even mention Ziggler ITT??? Nobody would ever think he's overrated! If anything he is criminally underrated!
  5. I did not say he was overrated

    I simply said he doesn't have the upside some think.

    Some believe he could be the 1 or 2 guy in the company someday. I don't see that

    Right now, he's the best worker in the company, but I don't see him drawing money or insane amounts of heat
  6. Heels are never top guys in the company, so I don't think that will happen. He will be the top heel in the company for years to come though, and he will make all of the ME faces look like a million bucks in the process
  7. Are we talking overrated by the WWE or IWC?
  8. IWC I'm sure. If we were talking about the WWE it would be Khali since he has a job
  9. In the IWC. There is only one answer for me CM Punk. He's an amazing talent but some treat him as a god when he's poor at executing moves alot of the time. He's got great psychology and is a great promo guy but he's far from perfect.
  10. Uh oh. The marks will be here soon to crucify you
  11. He's botched his GTS more than I care to mention.

    Hogan's boot and leg drop may be unpleasing, but they can be done on anybody

    Punk's flying elbow tribute to Savage is beyond awful
  12. The Miz, Randy Orton, Zack Ryder, Mark Henry and Jack Swagger.
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  13. Probably :hehe: . I've been following Punk since his second match with Joe so I think I can say I've got a fair judgement on his talent lol.
  14. I've got to say Sheamus and ADR.

    ADR because I'm not saying the guy sucks I mean he is good in the ring but they pushed him so massively like he was Taker/HHH combined.

    Oh Definitely Zack Ryder too. I hate watching his matches now but I love his personality.
  15. I totally agree with u, except that i would replace Orton with ADR. Orton is a pretty good wrestler at his best, though his recent matches have been a bit dissapointing.
    So Miz, AdR, henry and Swagger.

    And about Sheamus, he just needs more time to blend in, people like miz and swagger have been in the business much longer with no outcome what so ever, Sheamus is just getting pushed too early, they should make more personal feud matches for him instead of making him wrestle for the title right away.
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  16. Your point on Sheamus is excellent I must say. You've got your first like now.
  17. I agree with every word you've said in this post.
  18. Sheamus can work pretty well (although he was a lot better as a heel, as is everyone in WWE nowadays since faces are so watered down), he's getting over, good on the mic, has some sort of character that sets him apart from the pack, has the WWE look, and is in good graces backstage. I don't really see much of a reason not to push the guy. Still too soon though.

    Most overrated is definitely Bryan.
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  19. The most overrated WWE superstar today is Chris Jericho. He's been in the business for awhile, and is good, so what? So has Undertaker, Triple H, William Regal.... A decent ammount of people call them overrated, and they all have the same skill level as Y2J.

    I used to be a fan of Jericho, now it's just dissapointing to see that he's using WWE as a last resort, when his band is innactive. WWE already sys that he will be leaving WWE this year to go tour with his cookie band. He needs to just retire. One match here and there wouldn't hurt, but look at HBK, he said he's going to retire, and he did, Look at flair, he said he's going to retire, and he did... Look at Jericho, he said he was going to retire, and oh wait... He didn't. That why I have very little respect for Jericho. He only does it because he craves money, and is an attention whore.

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