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Solid Snake

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You can put any show in here you want, just explain why it is overrated to you.
This applies for sitcoms, series, cartoons, ect. Anything goes! No-holds barred!

I am going to start us off with a show that I feel started out good but quickly became crap....

Family Guy
I don't get the hype. The earlier seasons were good but as the years went on, it felt forced.
The humor wasn't as thought out and the characters themselves grew to be repetitive and boring.
Most people see this as a 8/10 show, I see it as a 2/10 show specially in the later seasons.
I haven't watched the show in years and don't intend on ever going back. Always preferred American Dad.


Ricky Daniels

The Lunatic Fringe
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Damn it you beat me to the punch. But yeah, I used to love Family Guy but now I've been exposed to Rick and Morty, Mr Pickles, F for Family among others Family Guy just seems like it is trading off it's name and not bothering as such to create more hype around them. I mean I still watch occasional episodes with my 80 year old nan because she loves Seth MacFarlane and I sit there amazed about how many jokes they can cram into a small amount of times that make me laugh but the actual intended punch line of the scene isn't funny to me and I often find something will be stretched out too much.
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The Reagmaster

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I'll say it: Person Of Interest. It's structurally impaired because of its network basis, where they have to crank out more episodes than the story justifies, with clean commercial breaks and overly broad sets and costumes and dialog. It's unrealistic tripe about sentient computing and profiling, it has cartoonish characters, and the acting is hammy. I think it's much better than some other network shows, however, it's so hyped that its quality/hype ratio ruins it also X Factor & Keeping With The Kardashians. TEARS AND SOB STORYS. NOTHING BUT TEARS AND SOB STORYS THAT I HAVE NO CARE FOR THEM!


Moist Nephew
Supernatural. It's boring, bland, and almost all of my friends are obsessed with it which just makes it worse to me because they never shut up about it

And yes, American Dad is much better than Family Guy

Mustafar Reginald

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I guess I'll third/fourth Family Guy. I liked the early seasons (1-3, some of 4) fine but it quickly became trash after that. I think it's at like season 13/14? Hard for me to consider it overrated though, it's obviously popular enough to still be making new episodes but the conversation I always hear are from those who hate it. Like Big Bang Theory, millions watch that but I almost never hear anything positive about it on any online forums I've checked. So that could be another shout for me, since I don't like it but it feels weird.

About Supernatural since it's been mentioned, I guess I somewhat agree. I loved the show early on. Or at least, I loved seasons 3-5 and liked 1 & 2 a good amount (2 more than 1, but for me outside of rare exceptions I thought the MOTW episodes were pretty weak). To the point where I almost considered it my favorite show, but the other seasons? They have some good moments & episodes here and there but a largely pretty bad/boring. I'm not going to stop watching after watching 12 seasons but I still feel the show should've ended at 5. It told a thematically cohesive story-line greatly, and while I love some moments after them, it doesn't justify the rest for me.

As for my own personal pick, The Office. I've seen a few episodes with my brother and don't think I even cracked a smile during it.


The Showoff
Catastrophe. I was a huge fan of Sharon Horgan in Pulling but Catastrophe feels like Pulling-lite. It's the same blunt view of human nature which I saw in Pulling and sometimes it's the same punch lines: "Are you mental?"

I get it that Horgan's specialty is dark humor but show me something fresh. Also, in the love scenes with co-star Rob Delaney, Horgan is doing it with her clothes on! That is lame. An actress makes sacrifice for her art and if there's a love scene involved, nudity should be a given. It isn't as though anyone is going to objectify Sharon.

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