most overrated wrestler from back in the day?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mean Smark Callous, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. lex luger

  2. hulk hogan

  3. brian pillman

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  4. ultimate warrior

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  5. owen hart

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  6. shane douglas

  7. kevin nash

  8. demolition

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  9. jeff jarrett

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  1. i know theres a lot of names left off the list, so throw them in!
  2. Why the hell is Brian Pillman in the poll?
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  3. The Rock, took time way from HHH.

    Hogan is shit, only appeals to morons
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  4. Ban.
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  5. Owen is underrated imo.
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  6. Why

    Hogan was not a very good worker
  7. Marc Mero aka Johnny B Badd

    Brian Pillman and Owen Hart both do not need to be on that list
  8. hogan is winning

    this forum is getting smarter, there is hope yet for you lads
  9. t
    trollin bro
  10. and he hated putting people over.
  11. Whoever voted Hogan was probably born after 1997 and doesn't know any better.
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  12. i voted hogan. born in 77. and i know better. the guy flat out couldn't wrestle.
  13. Sorry let me rephrase then. Whoever voted Hogan was either born before 80 or after 95 and doesn't know any better. :happy:
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  14. ok so why do you think hogan was so great? many of his peers think he sucked too.
  15. He had what is most important in professional wrestling: charisma. He could hold an entire arena of people in the palms of his hands and have them react the way he wanted them to. Fantastic on the mic. He could wrestle just fine, watch his matches from Japan. In the US he didn't have to put on a clinic daily, he knew what the people wanted and gave it to them.
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  16. yeah he had charisma and mic skills but his moveset was crap.
    bodyslam, bodyslam, no-sell, fingershake, punch, punch, whip, big boot, leg drop, repeat forever
  17. And everyone ate it up at the time. When you're out of this world over everywhere, why change? Was Austin any different? Lou thesz press, stomp a mud hole, kick, punch, stunner, repeat. Rock? Punch, kick, sharpshooter, people's elbow, Rock bottom, repeat. Don't get me started on flair for repetition even though I love him.
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  18. ok fair enough.
    i just never liked hogan so i admit bias.
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  19. I think that all of us who were young kids during Hulkamanias original run have an undying affection for him, brother! :hogan:
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  20. Just because people like hogan doesn't make them morons, brother! :hogan:
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